“When Pigs Fly”… To Hawaii

Looks like PETA is stepping up their war against pork again.

About nine months  ago, before I had a blog,  I reported on another site that PETA was launching a campaign against pork being shipped to Hawaii and some of the inhumane practices that were being done.

In a Press Release released today by The World Society for the Protection of Animals, it states the following:

Misleading labels on pork products are causing Hawaii residents and tourists to unwittingly participate in inhumane practices against animals

Stressed and exhausted from overcrowded and often filthy conditions, thousands of pigs endure a more than week-long journey from the mainland United States only to be slaughtered on arrival in Honolulu. In 2008, a total of 13,082 pigs were imported from California, Iowa, Montana and South Dakota for slaughter. The purpose of this inhumane and costly practice is to produce meat that can be sold to unsuspecting consumers as “Island Produced Pork.

I myself think this is just a re-release of another similar press release that was released earlier this year.

Many local media sources picked up the story after I first reported on it before I started my blog.

Here is just one of the previous articles on it by Honolulu Magazine:

Stephen Schildbach

Illustration: Stephen Schildbach

Next time you buy pork at the supermarket with the label “Island produced” you may want to know what that actually means.

In 1973, the state Department of Agriculture declared that this phrase could only be placed on pork that came from pigs actually raised in Hawaii. But in 2000, the law was repealed due to its unenforceability, which made it legal for supermarkets and retailers to place “Island produced” on pigs that had only been shipped to the Islands and slaughtered here…

More here

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  1. Damon,

    I’m the illustrator of the Hawaii Magazine Article. Usually, I require payment for a 3rd party to use my illustration. But, because this is a good cause. I say, you can use it for free. Thanks for giving me the credit below the illustration though. People can see more of my art at http://www.stephenschildbach.com. I have some Hawaiian paintings on the site.

    I agree with GD Hilo on the pork issue. Firstly, it’s healthier and better for the environment to be vegetarian. But, if you absolutely can’t give up meat, buy local and organic. It costs more money, but you strengthen the local economy by buying local and that benefit eventually comes back to you. When you buy outside of your local economy, that money disappears to far away rich people who don’t benefit your community.

    The homeless statement is silly though. I worked in a homeless shelter. Most people who are homeless have mental disorders and substance abuse problems usually because of a bad upbringing. You can’t blame homeless people for their condition. If you were brought up in the environment they experienced, you’d probably be homeless too.

    Damon – Thank you for weighing in here and I’m now linking the picture to your website.

  2. We can fly the homeless home and fly the pork back.
    We should grow our own food, but theres lots of problems and the powers that be don’t seem to want to help. Were stuck with super fat meat thats grain feed from mainland. Not good for pigs or people.
    Maybe the crisis were headed into will change things for the better

  3. Damon,

    First let me say, I love pork. Second, I love animals. Thirdly I do not love PETA.

    However, in this instance, I have ot say that I am glad they brought this issue to our attention (even if it is with their own gross spin). I liked the Honolulu Magazine Article. Thanks for sharing it. It is not that I have anything against mainland pork. BUT living on this island, I try as much as I possibly can to buy locally and eat locally. It is the only way our state can become sustainable. We have the resources here and yet grocers and the uneducated public continue to support “imported” food. SAD story, one which I do try to change in my own small way.

    Besides all of that, local food is better and better for you! Support your Island Farmers and stores that do.

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