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Some people would love to write an article or blog, however, they just don’t have time to write a full on blog all the time.  Others would love to just write that one article every now and then.  Here is your chance to do that!

Tiffany Edwards over at The Big Island Chronicle has recently started accepting submissions for various things on her blog.

I think that’s a great idea, so I’m going to open up a section for reader submissions as well… Of course I will have the final say on whether something get’s posted or not.

I’ll accept most anything… and it won’t even cost you a Damon Dollar.

The process for submitting is to send your “Article, Column, Picture, Event Flier, etc”  to

I will take that information and form a blog about it by pretty much cutting and pasting the information.  (If it has a picture or two that’s cool too… just as long as I know where to put it in the article… You will have to send those as attachments)

I will then link post that blog link to the “Reader Submissions” tab at the top of this site.  I will tag each “Submission” with the Submitters name so that anytime later it will also easily be found.

If it’s an event, I will most likely erase the event after the event has taken place unless comments have been generated underneath it.

I’ve started it out with a submission from the past by cartoonist/artist and all around good guy,  Greg Henkel.  He drew a  few years ago, however, it fit to a blog I posted earlier and he was kind enough to send it in.  He used to send in all kinds of cartoons to Hunter Bishops blog, however those are no longer available.

You can view the new “Readers Submissions” and know that this can be considered the “Community” part of my blog.

Questions… Feel free to ask!

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