Transexual Who Won the Right to Compete as Women in Hawaii Now Facing More Discrimination in Chicago

In 2001, Tammy Wronski won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there’s controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness.

Tammy Wronski

Tammy Wronski

…A canoe racing group has reversed itself and no longer will demand that transsexuals who want to compete in paddling clubs submit to DNA tests to determine their sex.

The decision, recorded in the minutes of a May meeting of the Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association, comes after two transsexual women filed complaints with the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission over the racing association’s decision that they would have to submit to DNA testing before being allowed to compete on women’s paddling teams…

Here is the new case revolving around Mr./Mrs. Wronski:

A Chicago Ridge resident – born a man but now a woman – says she is still fighting discrimination, eight years after she won the right to compete as a female athlete.

You can’t put it any simpler than Tammy Wronski, 49,¬†herself does.

“I do have a vagina downstairs,” she said.

In 2001, she won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there’s controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness.

Another member, Janice Mazany, says she is traumatized every time she sees Wronski in the women’s locker room…

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4 Responses

  1. It seems to me that Ms. Wronski is projecting as a man in behavior and appearance and that, not the fact of a vagina, is the conflict.
    Rarely have I read of there being two separate reasons to file a lawsuit to clarify ones right to access as a woman after SRS. That is usually a transgender thing which leads to an ‘in your face’ confrontation.
    Years after surgery and she can afford to pay competition fees as well as not so cheap health club dues makes me wonder if this is more to do with a political issue rather than a civil rights issue. Why would one have genital surgery but ignore the other aspects of feminine presentation I might think is the question some might well ask and justifiably so.
    And please don’t tell me about the pain excuse or the inflated $50,000 fee’s. Having genital surgery is not any more painful than any other abdominal surgery and the fees for male to female SRS run less than $15,000 and that includes travel and hotels. Facial feminization surgery is more costly perhaps but within range.
    Perhaps what is being discussed here is did Ms. Wronski actually feel from a very early age she was born the wrong sex or is Ms. Wronski just one of the many transgender autogynephilic ‘s who ‘went all the way’ and now demands others accept her less than female portrayal which to me appears to be an expression of the male persona.

  2. “What the F$%^K is wrong these people.”

    You mean…
    Not having the $50,000 for surgery.
    Not wanting to go through the pain.
    Not thinking they have to do what a “34 year old fag” thinks they should do to make him feel comfortable.

    You know, you’re just like Focus on the Family, or the Concerned Women of America. Or all those homophobes who just ask what’s wrong with these “fags” as you call yourself. It’s sad that you don’t see this. Perhaps you’ll be more tolerant of those who ask “what’s wrong with these people” when talking about Gay men in future, as you’re exactly like they are.

  3. Now these are my own opinions – for anyone disliking my comment – pray about it and let it go

    I am a 34 year old fag. In every situation I am an advocate for Equal Rights on every level imaginable.
    I do not discriminate; period. I commend any transexuals at fighting or standing up for Equal Rights.

    *furious* this is bloody insane and just plain not right

    Maybe just maybe if Wronski looked more like a woman and not a man. He/She wouldn’t be having this problem. PERIOD!!! Hell I would be traumatized too if He/She was standing right next to me in the mans or womans locker room.

    So bloody what if you have a bloody vagina. If you had carefully spend more time and money at a more full transition by looking more like a woman and not a man; he/she wouldn’t be having this F$%^&G problem.

    What the F$%^K is wrong these people.


    • Lomi this is Ese. Have i finally found u. Sooo miss u!! Look me up on facebook. Thinking of u often, love & miss u!!

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