Video Proof of George St. Pierre Getting Vaseline Applied

The video of the corner action between rounds 1 and 2 of the recent BJ Penn/George St. Pierre fight:


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  1. I want to see GPS/Penn III in the lightweight division. BJ moved up to fight a bigger man. GPS is afraid to move up to fight Silva…perhaps he can move down to fight BJ in BJ’s realm.

  2. How do you “cheat” at a live event with several judges and14000 spectators on hand with millions more watching on PPV? Get a grip you twits.

    Anyway, even if the guy did have Vaseline all over his back, how does that effect Penn’s inability to deal with the assault from St. Pierre’s hands & feet and his bulldozing take-downs?

    If Vaseline makes you a better fighter, we would all be champions.

    Get off your asses and exercise your minds you naive bunch of drooling mongrels.

  3. he didnt cheat just cause he is better then penns bitch ass doesnt mean everyone has to say he cheated if it was a close fight no one would have said anything. gsp is twice the fighter penn is and he showed bottom line he got wiped before every round.gsp is the CHAMP PENN IS A BITCH WHINEY SORE LOSER

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