Did George St. Pierre Cheat Against BJ Penn… The Poll

People have been complaining from the time the fight was over that George St. Pierre cheated and used Vaseline to grease up his body.  These pictures certainly are damaging:


Cagewriter blogs:

“…It’s pretty clear by watching the video that Nurse had some Vaseline on his hands when he rubbed St. Pierre’s shoulders, back and chest between the first and second rounds.

Why is that a big deal in mixed martial arts? It’s significant because of all the grappling and maneuvering that takes place on the ground. St. Pierre was on top of Penn in the second round and the Hawaiian tried several times to shift his legs up to work for a triangle choke or an armbar. Grip and some friction is huge in these cases and a slippery fighter would make it more difficult to lock on one of those holds. Above you can see, Nurse apply Vaseline to GSP’s face, then get more Vaseline, then rub his shoulders, arms and back…”

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