The Reason Why BJ Penn Lost… The Video Explanation

You ever been kissed by someone you really never wanted to be kissed by… EVER????

BJ is really superstitious about people even touching his body… yet this HOOCHIE MAMMA laid a kiss on him right as he was walking into the ring last night!


Of course I’m kidding about that being the reason why he lost… but still!

*Edit UPDATE* WordPress #2 Post of the Day… Holy Crap!

I just noticed that my earlier post on the BJ Penn fight was the #2 WordPress Post of the day for today!

There are millions of MMA blogs devoted to last nights MMA event and yet people came to my blog.

Thanks folks!  I wish I could have charged a buck to access my blog yesterday.

Here are the top 5  WordPress Blogs from the last 24 hours:


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Thanks everyone… I’m just a little blogger here on the Big Island!

WordPress #27 “Top Blog of the Day” (6 Blogs Behind NFL.COM on Superbowl Sunday)

I can’t believe my blog is 6 spots down from NFL.COM on Superbowl Sunday!

Thanks everyone for stopping by in the last 48 hours to make my blog one of the top blogs in the world for the last 48 hours!

Truly blown away by the support.

I know most of the traffic got generated by the recent BJ Penn posts, and I doubt I’ll ever get this high in the Blogger world again… but I do appreciate you folks stopping by!

I’ll just cut and paste the list… but you can see for yourself if you click here.

February 2, 2009: Top Blogs

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Six Months… and Still Blogging

Today marks the sixth month since I started this blog.

I’ve gotten a lot more response to this then I ever thought I would.

Quick Stats:

1,776 Posts
870 Comments 3,267 spam comments (deleted)
120,000 + Page Visits
3 Damon Dollars and 8 Smuck Awards.

And not one missed day of posting!

Thanks to everyone for dropping by… and here’s to the next 6 months:

Superbowl Sunday