UFC Post Fight Interviews Live… BJ Penn Loses to George St. Pierre

You can watch the post fight interviews to tonights fights here… while they are still being broadcast.

If you don’t know what happened in the BJ Penn fight, he got rocked at the end of the Fourth round and his corner people stopped the fight.

I had George St. Pierre ahead in all rounds.

BJ looked really slow tonight.

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  1. he got his ass kicked , vaseline , or no vaseline.

  2. There are no post fight interviews from BJ Penn becuase he left like a 10 year old mad because he didnt get to go to the swimming pool with his friends. BJ was taken to the local hospital to be checked out and treated, so he was in the hospital is the reason why he was at no pres conferences after the fight. The first fight between BJ and GSP, GSP won. The second fight, GSP has grown asa fighter and it can be argued that he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world no matter whether he is or not. If and when BJ fights again at 155, if he doesnt quit and cry around saying that is going to retire so he can put a bottle in his babies mouth and take her to the school bus so he is going to retire (quit) then that will be that but @ 155 Kenny Florian will take his belt . Diego Sanchez would dominate him.Matt Serra at 155 would even beat him. That dude Clay Guida would wear him down and beat him. BJ would quit. Nate Diaz would pull out a decision on BJ.There are several guys at 155 that would beat BJ, that BJ has avoided. BJ only fights when he has to and will keep belts for as long as possible, not by winning but by fighting once every several months like Chuck Liddell always has. Liddell kept his belt for so long becuase he hardly defended it. BJ will be the same. If Bj fought just about anyone else at 170 to put a few wins under his belt before he took on GSP which would befair would have been a killer for Penn as Dana White knew the monty fight is with BP vs GSp. If Penn fought anyone else at 170 lbs beforehand he would have gotten his a** kicked. Hughes would have out hustled him again. Hughes is history. Serra would have beat him. Serra is history. Koshcheck would have destroyed BJ. Jon Fitch would have picked BJ apart. Condit would beat BJ. Cerrone and VArner would beat BJ. Kampmann would beat BJ. Sanchez would beat the hell out of BJ. There are several others at 170 BJ would have gotten his a** kicked by so Dana White knew this so he put it together quickly or there never would have been Penn vs GSP 2. End of story on that. BJ was always one of my fav fighters but he never was or never will be in a class with GSP in fighting or anything else. At 155 if Bj doesnt quit will never see him get beaten badly by Sanchez because Sanchez would probably be hisn next fight after Florian takes his belt. He will retire (quit) after Florian takes his belt. If Bj fought uriah Faber,Mike Brown,Leonard Garcia or Miguel Torres at catch weight they would beat his ass to. lol. Have a good day!

  3. A true champion consists of honor, respect, valor, heart, and many other things bj penn does not have as a fighter, a man, or a champion, bj penn is the champ in the 155 division because of his talent. His talent is not enough to beat a true champion in GSP at the 170! That in my opinion was the best fight I have seen to date, simply because I got to watch bj penn get his face smashed for 20 minutes! If bj didnt lick matt huges blood of his gloves after choking out huges & if he kept his mouth shut, & wasnt so cocky, it wouldnt have been the best fight I have seen. I look forward to ken flo choking bj out in the future. thats my 2 cents

  4. I wonder if dana white gave bj **** for giving such a **** performance and thats why he is saying he is thinking about retireing now. It was really incredible tahat he quit. really. He could have gone out there and at least done something! Damn, what an asshole. He is really a jerk off. I think the only reason nobody noticed it before is because his opponents lately have been even bigger assholes than him (sean sherk? what a head case. effing roid rage).

  5. If BJ Penn were GSP he would have beat GSP

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