UFC Post Fight Interviews Live… BJ Penn Loses to George St. Pierre

You can watch the post fight interviews to tonights fights here… while they are still being broadcast.

If you don’t know what happened in the BJ Penn fight, he got rocked at the end of the Fourth round and his corner people stopped the fight.

I had George St. Pierre ahead in all rounds.

BJ looked really slow tonight.

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  1. Every time BJ Penn loses a fight he has something to complain about. It’s never about him losing to a superior fighter, it’s how he was wronged in some way.

    However, after his fight with GSP he might have complained about the vaseline thing, but he hasn’t mentioned too much recently. I was watching an interview with BJ Penn the other night and I noticed he’s changed a bit. There was no mention of the vaseline thing, but rather he came clean by admitting that he had been beaten up pretty bad. In fact, I thought he humbled himself when he said something like, (paraphrase) “… I was done after the second round. If you’d have told me what happened in the 3rd and 4th rounds, you’d have had to show me a tape … if it had gone into the 5th round it could have been career-ending.” That’s a lot for someone like him to admit.

    Penn had his butt handed to him but I really think he came out of this with a lot more humility and that was something he was missing before fighting GSP.

    What will he do against Kenny Floria? Don’t know, but I think he’ll be a lot better prepared than he was against GSP; both physically and mentally. Still, I’d like to see Floria take the belt. He trains with a group of fighters that includes GSP and it would give that group another belt.

  2. Bj Penn is the biggest douche ever. He got beat on pretty bad. “GSP is a front runner, a quitter” GSP made him eat those words. Also I noticed that St. Pierre passed his guard at will. There’s a big difference between grappling jiu jitsu and mma jiu jitsu, Bj may be really talented in grappling but he’s no where near where St. Pierre is in mma jiu jitsu. St. Pierre will beat Anderson Silva as well.

  3. it looked like gsp was beating up a chubby, spoiled little baby. penn really looked bad and i believe he should put vaseline up his ass to cool down.

  4. In my opinion BJ penn won. Every punch, elbow, Knee, and Kick was CLEARLY blocked by BJ’s face and head. BJ backed up everything he said pre fight. The reason his corner stopped the fight is because there was a clear disadvantage to poor GSP ‘s fists that took such a beating from BJ’s face. BJ’s corner really did GSP a favor.

  5. I just read that BJ wants to once again settle the score on who is better between himself and GSP. Is he serious? I mean really. I think to everyone who saw that fight saw it is as plain as a Hawaiian day.

    Firstly, BJ should apply muzzles on all the “fluffers” around him in his camp who seem more like band groupies… hyping up his already inflated ego and rendering him delusional into thinking he is better than he really is. Now… I’m not trivializing his talent because he’s awesome. But he is an awesome LIGHTWEIGHT, He should beware of making himself look bad twice.

    However, if he really is THAT caught up in his own little fantasy and does cry for a rematch, he should be forced to… for instance… either fight someone like Alvez in order to get the rematch… OR… let’s make it interesting… if he loses to GSP he should lose HIS lightweight belt and have to win it back in the lightweight division. Make HIM put something on the line… because in the last fight he put NOTHING on the line other than his megalomania. Next time BJ should have to “earn” the money the public pays to see him… not simply “get it” because he’s Dana White’s little pet. He should be put in an actually position to actually put up… or shut up.

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