BJ Penn Says George St. Pierre Will Tap!

Just a few hours until the big fight! BJ Penn says “GSP will tap!”:


3 Responses

  1. why would bj pen say that we all know he is the light wieght champon but gsp would win because he does defent almost every body.he only lost like what three time he is the best

  2. LOL!!!!! Everytime i watch this video i just laugh out loud. keep your mouth shut. Your whole entourage. JD Penn – GSP can take you out next. Fighter my a$$. You’re a quitter!

  3. I feel embarrassed for BJ PENN. He’s talking all that crap, and goes out to fight and what happens? Humiliated beyond belief. Wow. I bet he wishes he had just kept his mouth shut and trained. His stock just dropped huge. Lets see if he keeps his mouth shut for the Florian fight.

    I doubt it.

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