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“Eggs ‘N Things” Moves to New Location: Re-Grand Opening Soon

Waikiki’s infamous restaurant Eggs ‘N Things restaurant is moving to a new location.

This is the old location at the bottom of McCully Street in Waikiki:


Photo from: http://onokinegrindz.typepad.com

If you haven’t ever eaten there, I highly recommend the salsa that they provide for the eggs!

I used to live within walking distance and I used to eat there all the time.  The place would literally have a line-up of tourists waiting to get in the place all the time.

I’m assuming this new location will provide more seating and less wait time.

Eggs 'N Things New Location

Eggs 'N Things New Location

The grand re-opening of Eggs ‘N Things is scheduled for February 2009, just in time to celebrate our 35th anniversary! Our new location is 343 Saratoga Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815. We are looking forward to opening our restaurant doors to provide you with a comfortable and welcoming eatery and the traditionally delicious food you’ve come to love…

More Here

One Response

  1. It was a real emotional roller-coaster with me and Eggs N Things. I was real sad Eggs N Things closed down. I also lived within 2 minutes walking distance of the place.

    Then I was psyched to find they were just moving to a new location. But then I stopped and looked at the new place on Saratoga and, sad to say, there is less seating than their previous location.

    I refuse to believe they weren’t making enough money to keep the old place, but unless they’re promising new seating upstairs or something, I wasn’t impressed by the amount of seating space in the new location. Here’s to hoping.

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