Hawaii Domestic Violence Victims Authorized to Use Stun Guns?

I never really followed legislative bills at all, but just because they are so easy to look at now, without trucking yourself down to the capitol to get a look at, I’ve been taking a look at a few of them.

Here is another one that I don’t think will fly at all:

Senators Espero, Bunda, Gabbard, Galuteria, and  Hemmings all helped to introduce Senate Bill 541.

I myself often wonder if they should even be used by Law Enforcement officers at times.  I certainly don’t think they should go into the hands of domestic violence victims.

How about enforcing restraining orders?

More on the bill here.

Report Title: Weapons; Stun Guns; Domestic Violence
Description: Authorizes victims of domestic violence to acquire a stun gun; provided that: (1) they do not have any mental condition that would make them a danger to society or themselves; (2) they complete a training course in the use of stun guns; and (3) the authorization to use a stun gun is reevaluated on an annual basis. Requires program to be administered by county police departments.

3 Responses

  1. How many people have died after a restraining order was put in place?

    Beating a person is illegal, why would a person that does that care about the legality of a restraining order?

  2. Oh great.
    400 people have been killed by “tasers” since 2001.


  3. Glad you have figured out how to track legislation (the information has been online for years, but few people take any interest). In case you didn’t know, though, only a few hundred bills actually become law. I’m not saying don’t read the bills, but I would not get too fired up about any particular one unless it is still being discussed near the middle of April.

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