Death Penatly Bill Introduced to Hawaii Legislatures

I know that Sen. Slom is pretty much a “Grandstanding” speaker and likes to catch the attention of a lot of people with some of his  legislation.

He introduced Senate Bill 348 and it has passed the first reading.

This is actually a bill that I would support.  Some crimes are so heinous that I believe some people should be put to death for them.  (here comes the hate mail)

The legislature finds that there is a need to provide for the imposition of the death penalty to address the most serious offenses that can be committed, namely, the murder of a minor who is less than twelve years old, murder combined with torture or sexual assault, or any multiple murder.  The use of capital punishment in these circumstances is intended both to punish the perpetrator and to deter others from committing these types of crimes.

The legislature further finds that this Act is in compliance with the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Ring v. Arizona, 536 U.S. 584 (June 24, 2002), in which the Court ruled that a jury, rather than a judge, must make a finding of aggravating factors when those factors underlie a judge’s choice to impose the death penalty rather than a lesser statutory punishment.  The Supreme Court found that Arizona’s enumerated aggravating factors operated as the “functional equivalent of an element of a greater offense.”  Therefore, the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution requires that such aggravating factors be determined by a jury…

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Report Title: Capital Punishment; Murder
Description: Provides for a sentence of death or life imprisonment without possibility of parole upon conviction of a defendant for the murder of a minor less than twelve years of age, murder combined with torture or sexual assault, or multiple murders. Requires separate sentencing proceedings after conviction before a jury.

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