Why Do They Call “Black People” Colored or For That Matter… Black?

Disclosure: I’m half “Black”

I’m thinking about this a little bit over. Why do they call black people colored? I myself have never in my life seen a “Black” person.

I’ve seen dark-skinned people… but never “Black”.

A common joke that’s been played out in many different ways is this:

When I was born I was Black. When I grow up I am black. When I am sick I am black. When I go in the sun I am black. When I am cold I am black. When I die I am black.

But You. When you are born you are pink. When you grow up you are white. When you are sick you turn green. When you go in the sun you get red. When you are cold you turn blue. When you die you turn purple. And you have the fucking nerve to call me COLORED!

And people complain about being called a “pot smoking dopehead” ;)

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  1. When I was a Counselor at UH-ETC, I saw a student who was having personal problems that were affecting her attendance. She went back to class late, and I had forgotten to write the instructor a note.

    Later, the instructor came to me to get verification that the student was with me. I couldn’t remember her name, so the instructor asked me what race she was.

    I thought about this for a second, and then replied, “HUMAN”.

    Damon you were raised as being of the “Human Race”. Your color or race didn’t matter to me, because I saw you with love. I believed in Martin Luther King’s message to the world.

    Love, Mom

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