Hawaii “Suicide” Bill Passes First Reading

Others simply call this the “Suicide Bill”.  Hawaii is calling it the “Death With Dignity” Bill or HB587.

House Bill 587 passed the first reading on Tuesday and has been referred to the House Committee on Health.

Report Title: Death With Dignity
Description: Allows a terminally ill, competent adult to get lethal dose of medication to end life. Prohibits mercy killings, lethal injections, and active euthanasia. Requires informed consent. Allows alternate doctor to replace attending doctor if latter declines to prescribe. Requires monitor at time of taking dose.

One Response

  1. Good thing. Although euthanasia is quite controversial, my personal opinion is in support of it. Life is a choice of people, not of the State – and at the risk of sounding crude, it frees up a lot resources for people who CAN be treated and have the possibility of recovery.

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