Honolulu City Council Passes Bill Banning Text-Messaging While Driving

From KITV:

The Honolulu City Council has passed a bill banning Oahu motorists from text-messaging on their cell phones and playing video games while driving.

Mayor Mufi Hannemann hasn’t decided whether he’ll sign the bill. He’s concerned the measure will be difficult for police to enforce.

Council member Charles Djou introduced the bill after a city bus driver was suspended for playing a video game while driving a bus.

One Response

  1. I would like to see how that will work out with the enforcements.

    Bloody gay hell!!!

    This has been a problem for awhile with bus drivers on mobile phones or playing video games while driving the bus. Why now? They’ve spent tax dollars installing camera’s in most of the Buses – scoping out every tom, dick, harry and barbara that comes in and out of the buses forgetting to aim cameras on the bus driver’s.

    What in gay hell will Djou come up with next.


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