Jupiter VENUS is lined up behind the moon and you can see the dark side of the moon.  It’s pretty cool.

Wish I had a decent camera now!

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  1. I don’t get it. It’s usually possible to see the dark side of the moon when the moon is in any phase less than full, isn’t it? What does Venus have to do with it?

    As it happens, I did notice Venus last night at dusk.

    Damon – From what it appeared to me… it was like an eclipse effect kind of. Venus was behind the moon and it was reflecting light back on to the backside of the moon. Hard to explain… But I got the following email from someone who does know:

    “…Since we usually have a bright planet, either Jupiter or Venus, in the evening sky over half the year and the Moon swings through each month, a conjunction like last night’s will occur every four weeks on average. Sometimes closer, sometimes a little further apart, just the normal cycles of the sky.”

  2. I was attending a lecture tonight. all I have is a beautiful memory of the pair framed by the branches of a large monkeypod tree at the historic Hokuloa church in Puako.

    Damon – A gadget geek like you didn’t have something set-up with a timer??? Shame on you. So much for the Bill Nye Science Award for you.

  3. I though that was Pink Floyd on the other side?

    Damon – Between you and Andrew… one of you guys better have captured a good picture! Two minutes later I’m catching the “Dark Side of the Moon” Pink Floyd Reference

  4. Uh… Damon… You haven’t been reading my blog. It is Venus, not Jupiter.

    Damon – Ack!!! I kid you not… I listened to my son when he told me it was jupiter because they are studying the planets. I have been reading your blog… but it didn’t click when my son told me to look up! Correction duly noted.

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