Trial Footage from Puna Residents Murder in Thailand

Earlier, I posted the video of the confession of the murderer that killed Puna Resident Gary Poretsky.

Here is footage of him getting lead into court there in Thailand as well as a few other things:


Sixty one year old former Perth resident William Thomas Douglas was sentenced to four years jail for the murder of 46-year-old Hawaiian resident Gary Bruce Poretsky in the Northern Thailand city of Chiang Mai in March 2008

However the former Australian Army Vietnam War veteran will serve just two years after having his sentence cut in half for pleading guilty.

Douglas claimed to have been working as a police informer during the 28-years he has lived in Chiang Mai and is reported to have boasted of having killed two drug traffickers while working with the police.

A witness told the court Douglas “pulled out the gun and shot Gary two times in the chest. Gary fell to the ground and then Douglas fired a third shot into his head.”

Douglas claimed that Mr Poretsky had antagonised him by criticising the Vietnam War and had said “Australia should not have followed the US into the Vietnam War and that Australia and Thailand were dictated to by the US.”

This is field edited news footage.

A full report on the trial can be found here:…

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