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I’ve been adjusting some of my feeds and links on my blog the last few days.

I’ve removed the pictures from the left side and combined them with some of the movies I’ve posted to make a new page at the top.

I added a couple new blogs that are worth checking out:

Barbara Uechi over in Kona runs Guavabee another blog related to Big Island events with an emphasis on Kona events.

Don Rey has his Hawaii Sunshine Chronicles, where he likes to target local media and other Hawaii related events.

Brad Cavanaugh has Canspice which is another Big Island blog run by a fellow who grew up just across the Canadian border from me.

I’ve moved my calendar down on the left column to put my events more towards the top of the page.

I dropped a couple RSS feeds that weren’t getting much attention and just taking up space on my site.

And while the Legislature is in session, I’ve added a few legislative links on the left.

I’m always looking for more suggestions, so if you have any, feel free to let me know.

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  1. I like the new look, and thanks for the plug! Mahalo.

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