2009 Pork Report: $4 Million Plus Spent on Coqui Frog Control

Hat tip to Nancy Cook Lauer at All Hawaii News.

The 2009 Hawaii Pork Report has been released and you can view it here.

Something of note for Big Island residents:

“Alarm over the rapid spread of the coqui frog, especially on the Big Island, has inspired a multitude of projects such as the Stop Coqui Hawaii program, the Coqui Frog Working Group, the Volcano Area Coqui Network, and Silent Night Hawaii, just to name a few. Councils and community organizations have popped up all over the state and petitioned for funding to combat the coqui infestation. Without skipping a beat, the legislature released grants for several groups by passing coqui-related bills.  One measure allowed the DOA’s Hilo office alone to increase its staff by more than 300 percent with the sole purpose being to “develop a comprehensive coqui frog plan

Through 2007, more than $4 million in federal, state and county funds have been allocated toward the infestation. Yet despite statewide eradication efforts, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported that the state coqui population continues to grow…

…Hawaii County spent $31,000 to figure out that potassium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda, has “proven to be
ineffective on coqui frogs.”
pg. 10

Full Hawaii Pork Report

For 4+ million, they could have provided everyone with several pairs of ear plugs!

3 Responses

  1. The coquis are wonderful! They are now a part of the Big Island environment, and we need to be positive about them, or we will be putting down our island. Let’s promote coqui ecotourism. It’s all in your attitude. Also, see the website http://www.HawaiianCoqui.org .

  2. The government has totally dropped the ball on this one, there needs to be a coordinated effort to stop this frog where it’s just started and can still be contained – places like Hamakua, Mauka Kona, Wet side Waimea, Naalehu, Kaumana. Places where there are just Satelite populations. North Kohala had just a few populations (though one big gulch full of them) they have removed them all and kept them out – they did it with a strong organized community association and county funds. Volcano had and continues to keep them out in a similar fashion.

    Puna and lower Hilo are write offs – the frog war is lost until biocontrol or nepalm is used. This is not Pork money! Other places can still be saved from this noise (remember the quiet wonder full rustle of wind at night in palm trees..) Shame on Billy Kanoi for passing this problem off. Same to you on this one Damon, just because your house might be in Cocqui county, all the BI is not totally lost to infestation……yet.

    And for the 4 million, this is a drop in the bucket compared to lost property value due to the frogs. This island is worth millions and millions less with these pests, a quiet night is worth money.

    Damon – “shame on me” ??? Ok… whatever. ;)

  3. You are right about that. Coqui control should have begun immediately with the infestation at Lava Tree. It is, I am afraid, impossible now without a biocontrol. They are not only all over Puna, they are all over Hilo (could barely hear what was being said at a meeting), Hamakua and there are infestations all over the island. They travel by car. Just like the Parmarion martensi or semi slug that causes meningitis. Hitchhikers, there can be ones who you want to pick up and ones you do not.

    Damon – “They travel by car”… then maybe we need to start restricting their driving privileges….
    “Hitchhikers”… already have laws against hitchhiking and the thumb…. j/k

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