NO Apartments Being Built in Pahoa: Correction!

Yesterday, I posted a blog mentioning that there would be some new apartments going up across from Paul’s Service station.  I was told the wrong thing by the person that was working on the site.

The following is an email I received from the owner of the lot:

To correct the record, though, whomever told you apartments are being built there was misinformed. The rumor mill about something being built on those lots is remarkable- we have even heard a Taco Bell is being built there! But, no, we are just having the lots cleaned up and doing some landscaping to beautify them a bit. Trash used to be dumped there such that rubbish was present which kids might have been cut on. Last year there was some fresh garbage and empty bottles laying around from where someone camping back in there was making a mess. Also seemed to be quite a few mosquitoes and rats and suchlike in the thick undergrowth, so we are just cleaning it all up to be good neighbors and constructive members of the Puna community. The fence we put up for safety, in case anyone stumbled while walking along near the edge of the drop-off just across from Paul’s. No plans at the moment for building anything in particular on those lots.

If you haven’t noticed, across from Paul’s Service station, they have begun excavating a puka.


There was a guy working there today and he informed me that it’s going to be a “fourplex”. *However* I have found out differently now.


The guy working there said that there was plans for 17 parking stalls on different levels of the parking lot.


I myself think the corner is a pretty dangerous corner and it should be interesting with more in and out traffic located right at this spot as there already is a lot of traffic here.


I apologize for any confusion and I guess I need to check my sources a bit better then just relying upon the people on site.

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