County Moves to Adopt Resolution to Ban Food Paper and Compostable Organics from the Landfills by 2012

I just noticed the following resolution that Councilman Jacobsen introduced was recently adoped:  Res. 826-08

Urges the Director of the Department of Environmental Management to Develop an Ordinance and Implement a Plan to Prohibit Food Paper and Compostable Organics from Hawaii County Landfills by 2012  {Proposes that the County ban food paper and compostable organics from the County landfills by 2012 and encourages the use of compostable organics and urges the Environmental Management Department to develop a plan to achieve the goals stated in this resolution and to present its findings to the Council within six months upon the passage of this measure.}

You can view the recent council meeting minutes by clicking here. (Server seems to be acting up now)

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