H-130 Consultant Selected as UH Hilo Distinguished Alumni

noticed that one of the consultants that is working on the H-130 Project has been selected as a UH Hilo Distinguished Alumni:

Ron Terry, Geometrician Associates, LLC

Ron Terry, Geometrician Associates, LLC

Distinguished Alumni Awardees for 2009 are environmental, planning and land use consultant Dr. Ron Terry, real estate broker Carol Ginoza-Arikawa, and Kumu Lehua Veincent, a noted teacher and school administrator. The husband and wife duo of Margaret Ushijima and the late State Senator John Ushijima and State Representative Clift Tsuji are the Distinguished Service Awardees.

Dr. Ron Terry earned his BA in geography at UH Hilo in 1980, and went on to earn a PhD in 1988 from Louisiana State University. He was an associate professor at UH Hilo from 1989-1992, developing a reputation for excellence as a teacher in geography and environmental sciences.

In 1991, Terry started a successful independent consulting firm, Geometrician Associates. Despite his busy schedule as a successful CEO, Terry has managed to teach a course a year at UH Hilo in Environmental Impact Assessment and has also provided frequent guest lectures for other Geography courses.

Terry served several years as education chair of the Hawaiʻi Island Economic Development Board. In 2000, then-Governor Ben Cayetano appointed Terry to the State’s Marine and Coastal Zone Advocacy Council (MCZAC), a public advisory body that addresses coastal issues and advocates for the State’s Coastal Zone Management Program initiatives. He has provided his environmental expertise pro bono to a number of community initiatives, including forest stewardship, Hawaiian farming rights, cultural learning and community facilities. Geometrician Associates supports the arts as a long-term corporate sponsor of the Hawai‘i Concert Society.

In June 2008, Terry established the Geography Founders Scholarship, naming the $25,000 endowed scholarship after UH Hilo Geography Department founders Drs. Jim and Sonya Juvik, Jim Kelly and Jack Healy, who all inspired and encouraged him to continue his education after earning his degree at UH Hilo.

Rotary Club of Honolulu and Palama Settlement Create ‘Giving’ Library

Reading is cool! That’s why 48 Honolulu Club Rotarians spent their Saturday (January 24) constructing bookshelves and sorting thousands of books recently donated to the Palama Settlement-7,000 to date.

“These books will soon be off the floors, out of boxes and onto shelves ready for kids to browse and read,” said Rotarian Kirk Hovious, coordinator of the construction project for the Rotary Club of Honolulu.

Everything about this hands-on Rotary Cares project is unique.

It’s the first library–and a dream come true–for Palama Settlement, a century-old community organization serving individuals and families in the Palama, Kalihi and Liliha neighborhoods of Oahu.

It’s “non-traditional”-books will be conveniently located throughout the Palama campus-children’s books on shelves near the preschool area, teen reads at the activity center for youth and literature of all sorts at the adult education center. And, it will be a “giving” library-you can keep the book if you want it.

The message is one of literacy.

“By spreading books out in different locations, we encourage people to take and use them and share them with others,” said Jan Harada, Palama Settlement executive director, who worked with Rotarians on the concept. “It just seemed more practical.”

The project is also a double win for Honolulu Club Rotarians. By doing the work themselves, the club qualifies for a $10,000 grant from the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. This year the funds will go to Catholic Charities Hawaii for its senior citizens transportation program.

Orgasm Mushroom Featured in Tribune Herald… ‘Shroom Meeting at Lyman Museum

For those of you that have followed my blog, you know about the “Stinkhorn Mushroom” that I featured on my blog here and here that Hawaii researchers allegedly say give women orgasms if smelled.

The Hawaii Tribune shows a picture of one with it’s scientific name here.

They give the name of the mushroom as  Dictyophora mushroom… But in truth, it’s just another stinkhorn.

Here is a time elapsed clip of one growing.  I think this might have something to do with the womens arousal.


The Tribune also mentions that On Monday, Jan. 26, from 7-8:30 p.m., The Lyman Museum will host Don Hemmes, Ph.D., who will give a PowerPoint presentation on, “The Strange and Fascinating Mushrooms from the Hawaiian Islands.”

More here with the picture.

John Cruz Singing in Washington DC During the Obama Inauguration… Video

What a beautiful rendition!


Dear Mayor Kenoi… Tuesdays Tsunami Drill and Twitter

Twitter provided an excellent form of communication for many people during recent power outages.

I hope the county will look at twitter in the future as a means of communication.

I just sent the following email off to the Mayor:


Just curious if ANYONE at the county has thought about using TWITTER as a communication device during times of emergency?

During the recent Oahu Power outage, twitter was a vital way for many people to communicate.

I look forward to seeing how the evacuation plays out, however, I suggest that the county look at other ways of communicating directly with the public in the general for releasing immediate information.


It is interesting looking back now at some of the dialog that was going on during the power outages.  There is several pages of tweets.

Hopefully more and more people will begin using twitter as a communication device.

I just made a tweet about my wife being at farmers market… and a few minutes later I got a tweet back from someone telling me how the weather was there right that second.

Technology can be a great tool if used correctly.  Many people are a bit apprehensive to jump on the band wagon.  That’s ok… your kids and grand kids will be on it soon enough.

“The Ledge” Hawaii Legislature Video Show

I just noticed that House Rep. Morita’s Office is putting out a weekly show on youtube called “The Ledge”

Episode 1:

The Ledge is a weekly video series about the 09 Hawaii state legislative session. Bills live and die every day at the state Legislature. We will report on the past weeks actions as well as let you know about whats coming up next week. Stay tuned every Friday for a new episode of … “the Ledge”


Episode II:

This week on the Ledge, we look at opening day at the 25th Hawaii State Legislative session.


Homeless Shipping… Hawaii to Return Homeless Back to Mainland?

I think we have all heard rumors of States on the mainland providing homeless people in their communities one way tickets to Hawaii.

Well it appears a certain legislator wants the Aloha State to start shipping newly arrived  homeless back to the mainland.

Rita Cabanilla

Rida Cabanilla

State Rep. Rida Cabanilla, chairwoman of the Housing Committee, said she plans to ask for $100,000 this legislative session for a pilot program that would fly people who have recently arrived from the Mainland and are now homeless back to where they came from…

More Here

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