UPDATED (See Below): Miss Hawaii Contestant Nicole Fox’s Dress Falls Off After Performance at Miss USA Pageant

Tonight at 8PM on TLC Channel 331:

Tune-in SATURDAY JANUARY 24th @ 8pm E/P to watch the 2009 Miss America Pageant LIVE – only on TLC.

I just read the following:

…Miss Hawaii Nicole Fox drew cheers as she performed a traditional Tahitian dance, wearing a huge white feathered headdress and skirt to match. After she exited, part of her skirt remained on the stage

Here is her promo for the pageant:


The following video is from her crowning of the 2008 Miss Hawaii Contest:



Here is the actual performance of the dance. Of course TLC cut’s off the part where she loses her dress:


2 Responses

  1. Your article is incorrect. Her skirt did not fall off – a couple of feathers did, and she was competing for Miss America, not Miss USA. Wow! Two mistakes in the first sentence alone! Better work on your research.

    Damon – I copied and pasted an AP article so blame the research on the writer and not the Messenger… And I could give a crap about what “pageant” it is… but obviously you do… since you were googling it.

  2. her skirt doesn’t actually fall off exposing anything…the article meant that there was rubbish left on stage from the hipband after she exited.

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