Randrup’s Father Indicted… Tiffany Edwards Hunt Meeting with Police Chief Re: Communication Breakdown

I just noticed on the Big Island Chronicle the Twitter feed from Tiffany a while back that she was:

Going to meet with the police chief re communication breakdown”

I hope everything is ok  and I really don’t want to speculate on too much, however, I can only assume this meeting would stem from the recent Big Island Weekly article where Ms. Hunt quoted the police chief:

…”That’s news to me,” said Kubojiri, who planned to look into the matter. “The main thing is, I’m wanting to get accurate information to the public. I don’t want to be releasing b.s.”…

The meeting also may stem from her comments about the Tribunes use of anonymous police sources on her blog here as well.

Of course, the BIW article  is hearsay now with today’s news of the  indictment of Randrup.

“A Hilo grand jury has indicted a lower Puna man for allegedly slaying his son.
The three-count indictment accuses Randal K. “Randy” Randrup, 60, of second-degree murder for the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Hans Christian “Chris” Randrup, whose body was found Dec. 12 at the bottom of a shoreline cliff at MacKenzie State Park…”

While I do feel terrible for the family, I try my best to keep a lot of my personal emotions out of my blog postings.  If I’m too close to a situation… I won’t even blog about it.

Sometimes when your personal feelings get involved with facts, a tainted picture is often what you will believe without looking at all the facts.

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  1. ” If I’m too close to a situation… I won’t even blog about it.”

    Oh, really?

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