Inside BJ Penn’s Academy… Pictures

I made it into Hilo for a couple of things today, one of them was a quick stop by the BJ Penn Academy.


If you haven’t been to the location, it’s located at 639 Kinoole in  the Old Hilo Macaroni Factory.


As you enter the facility, there is a gift shop to the right which sells all kinds of BJPenn Merchandise.


On the ground level floor you see lots of modern cardio equipment.


High tech modern equipment and other fitness machines are all part of the BJPenn Academy.


The real magic happens beyond this door:

Door Leading to Basement

Door Leading to Basement

In the basement you will find most of the good stuff.


They have a full size ring where obviously the hard core training takes place.


I found myself climbing into the ring just for the heck of it.


After checking out the ring, I looked at the Muy Thai and Kick Boxking facilities.


He’s fighting one of his biggest fights of his careers next week on the 31st against George St. Pierre.


I hope he wins the fight and becomes a two championship belt holder.

It was a cool experience and the last time I was in there I got to talk with BJ’s brother about possibly enrolling my son when he’s a bit older.

Of course they start the kids on the mats like these:


And work their way up to the real thing:


To check out BJ’s home page, click here.

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