Complaint Lodged Against My Blog

I just found out someone was unhappy with an image of Linda Lingle that I posted on my “Smuck Hall of Fame” page.

While I’m sorry the image may have offended someone, I honestly just googled the image “Linda Lingle” and was looking for funny images of her and placed that image below the “smuck award”.

I honestly meant no harm in the picture and I won’t take it down because one person may find it offensive.

It’s a freaking parody people… get a grip.  I didn’t design it.  I found it on the internet and posted the picture next to my award.

While I understand that the intention of this person was to get an “Advertiser” to pull their ad from my site… People must understand that anything that is on my site is strictly my thoughts and not of anyone else.

If you have a problem with my site, feel free to contact me at and we can discuss the issue that you might be having…  Until then… Remember, if you don’t like reading my blog… quit coming to view it!

And if you have something wrong with a post that I write… at least have the cajones to make a comment on my blog or email instead of crying to someone who has no control over the content of my blog.

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  1. LMFAO!!!

    Damon you bloody ROCK!!!

    I say it comes with the territory!!! I find your “Schmuck Hall of Fame enlightning – don’t you dare take that pic down – leave it up. I completely feel the same way you do – if they dislike what you write; don’t read it.

    It’s been my experience – that most and/or majority of readers dislike what they read or see most of the time. I myself am enjoying your blog as I am reading through it. Most individuals prefer good over bad any day – writing – reading – voicing of opinions etc. etc.

    My personal belief we all have different tales from different walks of life; different sympathies – different endings – different flavors.

    I prefer to tell tales about me; what I see; different tales I see people dislike or rather not talk about – my tales are mostly about ME; the truth and ugly evil side of me most of the time. The good side of me – that remains to be told not by me of course – but by those who see me with their opinions at satisfying their own curiousity about what good defines. I’d rather prefer telling the ugly side of me.

    Therefore – you’ve found a fan. I’ll be reading and waiting in anticipation with intensity at what you will write next or who the next “Schmuck Hall of Famer” is.


    Lomi Kapisi

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