Tonights Agenda for Highway 130 Meeting

The next KPAG Highway 130 meeting will be held on Monday, January 26th TONIGHT at 5:45 at Keaau Elementary School.

Kea‘au‐Pāhoa Advisory Group Meeting #5 Agenda

1. Opening comments – Jiro Sumada, Deputy Director, HDOT
2. Review of the Reasonable Set of Alternatives from KPAG No. 4
Discussion by members
3. Discussion of the types evaluation criteria that will be identified for the reasonable set of alternatives
‐ ROW implications
‐ Traffic benefits (mobility, congestion, circulation, capacity, safety)
‐ Environmental impacts (air, noise, flora flauna, historic and cultural, etc.)
‐ Order of magnitude cost estimates
4. Presentation II on Intersections (Roger Dyar)
Questions and discussion
5. Preparing for a Public Information Meeting
‐Date and location will be announced: possibly March 18 at the Kea‘au School.
‐ Time
‐Proposed format
‐ Role for KPAG members
‐ Best ways to get the word out to the community about the meeting
6. What’s next for KPAG?
7. Q & A open to Friends and Visitors

More on the complete project here.

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