BJ Penn Ends TV Taping and is Unhappy About Portrayal

I was just at the BJ Penn Academy today and I didn’t hear anything about this and only now reading about it.

…A source close to the show on Tuesday told ( B.J. Penn recently shut down a taping and interview session for the series and no longer wants involved in the project.

Penn was apparently unhappy with how he was portrayed in last week’s debut of the series, which hypes a Jan. 31 UFC 94 main event fight between the Hawaiian fighter and UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre…

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Tonights Agenda for Highway 130 Meeting

The next KPAG Highway 130 meeting will be held on Monday, January 26th TONIGHT at 5:45 at Keaau Elementary School.

Kea‘au‐Pāhoa Advisory Group Meeting #5 Agenda

1. Opening comments – Jiro Sumada, Deputy Director, HDOT
2. Review of the Reasonable Set of Alternatives from KPAG No. 4
Discussion by members
3. Discussion of the types evaluation criteria that will be identified for the reasonable set of alternatives
‐ ROW implications
‐ Traffic benefits (mobility, congestion, circulation, capacity, safety)
‐ Environmental impacts (air, noise, flora flauna, historic and cultural, etc.)
‐ Order of magnitude cost estimates
4. Presentation II on Intersections (Roger Dyar)
Questions and discussion
5. Preparing for a Public Information Meeting
‐Date and location will be announced: possibly March 18 at the Kea‘au School.
‐ Time
‐Proposed format
‐ Role for KPAG members
‐ Best ways to get the word out to the community about the meeting
6. What’s next for KPAG?
7. Q & A open to Friends and Visitors

More on the complete project here.

Hawaii Filed “Brief” Backing Missouri Against Klu Klux Klan in “Adopt-A-Highway” Program – (Free Speech 1… States 0)

A neo-Nazi group has joined the state’s (Missouri) “Adopt-A-Highway” volunteer litter pickup program, taking advantage of a free speech court fight won four years ago by the Ku Klux Klan…

…The state says it had no way to reject the group’s application. A 2005 U.S. Supreme Court ruling arising from a similar effort by the Ku Klux Klan says membership in the Adopt-A-Highway program can’t be denied because of a group’s political beliefs. At the time, the state could reject applications for the program from groups that denied membership based on race or had a history of violence.

It’s a First Amendment thing, and we can’t discriminate as long as they pick up the trash,” said Bob Edwards, a spokesman for the transportation department’s office in Springfield.

The state can deny an organization’s application only if it has members who have been convicted of violent criminal activity within the past 10 years…

…Edwards said his department had received only one phone call asking why the National Socialist group was allowed to adopt the highway. Louise Whall, spokeswoman for the city of Springfield, was not aware of the group’s action until contacted by the AP, but said the city had no jurisdiction because it’s a state program.

Most other states have programs similar to Missouri’s. Ten states — Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont — had joined in filing a brief backing Missouri’s side in the court fight.

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Today’s KO


Complaint Lodged Against My Blog

I just found out someone was unhappy with an image of Linda Lingle that I posted on my “Smuck Hall of Fame” page.

While I’m sorry the image may have offended someone, I honestly just googled the image “Linda Lingle” and was looking for funny images of her and placed that image below the “smuck award”.

I honestly meant no harm in the picture and I won’t take it down because one person may find it offensive.

It’s a freaking parody people… get a grip.  I didn’t design it.  I found it on the internet and posted the picture next to my award.

While I understand that the intention of this person was to get an “Advertiser” to pull their ad from my site… People must understand that anything that is on my site is strictly my thoughts and not of anyone else.

If you have a problem with my site, feel free to contact me at and we can discuss the issue that you might be having…  Until then… Remember, if you don’t like reading my blog… quit coming to view it!

And if you have something wrong with a post that I write… at least have the cajones to make a comment on my blog or email instead of crying to someone who has no control over the content of my blog.

Inside BJ Penn’s Academy… Pictures

I made it into Hilo for a couple of things today, one of them was a quick stop by the BJ Penn Academy.


If you haven’t been to the location, it’s located at 639 Kinoole in  the Old Hilo Macaroni Factory.


As you enter the facility, there is a gift shop to the right which sells all kinds of BJPenn Merchandise.


On the ground level floor you see lots of modern cardio equipment.


High tech modern equipment and other fitness machines are all part of the BJPenn Academy.


The real magic happens beyond this door:

Door Leading to Basement

Door Leading to Basement

In the basement you will find most of the good stuff.


They have a full size ring where obviously the hard core training takes place.


I found myself climbing into the ring just for the heck of it.


After checking out the ring, I looked at the Muy Thai and Kick Boxking facilities.


He’s fighting one of his biggest fights of his careers next week on the 31st against George St. Pierre.


I hope he wins the fight and becomes a two championship belt holder.

It was a cool experience and the last time I was in there I got to talk with BJ’s brother about possibly enrolling my son when he’s a bit older.

Of course they start the kids on the mats like these:


And work their way up to the real thing:


To check out BJ’s home page, click here.

Randrup’s Father Indicted… Tiffany Edwards Hunt Meeting with Police Chief Re: Communication Breakdown

I just noticed on the Big Island Chronicle the Twitter feed from Tiffany a while back that she was:

Going to meet with the police chief re communication breakdown”

I hope everything is ok  and I really don’t want to speculate on too much, however, I can only assume this meeting would stem from the recent Big Island Weekly article where Ms. Hunt quoted the police chief:

…”That’s news to me,” said Kubojiri, who planned to look into the matter. “The main thing is, I’m wanting to get accurate information to the public. I don’t want to be releasing b.s.”…

The meeting also may stem from her comments about the Tribunes use of anonymous police sources on her blog here as well.

Of course, the BIW article  is hearsay now with today’s news of the  indictment of Randrup.

“A Hilo grand jury has indicted a lower Puna man for allegedly slaying his son.
The three-count indictment accuses Randal K. “Randy” Randrup, 60, of second-degree murder for the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Hans Christian “Chris” Randrup, whose body was found Dec. 12 at the bottom of a shoreline cliff at MacKenzie State Park…”

While I do feel terrible for the family, I try my best to keep a lot of my personal emotions out of my blog postings.  If I’m too close to a situation… I won’t even blog about it.

Sometimes when your personal feelings get involved with facts, a tainted picture is often what you will believe without looking at all the facts.

Lingle Unveils Comprehensive Highway Modernization Plan… $524 Million for Big Island

Governor Linda Lingle, together with Senate Transportation Chair Kalani English, House Transportation Chair Joe Souki and State Transportation Director Brennon Morioka today unveiled a $4.2 billion dollar, six-year Highway Modernization Plan.  The statewide plan would implement critical highway projects and programs aimed at reducing traffic congestion, improving highway safety, maintaining roads, and saving motorists time and money.

“This is a truly innovative proposal that will change the way the state Department of Transportation does business when it comes to funding, planning and implementing highway upgrades and maintenance,” said Governor Lingle.  “This Highway Modernization Plan will provide the type of results that all users of our roadways have been waiting for and deserve.  It builds on the State’s overall efforts to upgrade Hawai‘i’s transportation infrastructure, and will complement our Airports Modernization and Harbors Modernization plans that are already underway.”

The Highway Modernization Plan focuses on 183 projects, including 161 projects in the four counties:  76 projects on O‘ahu ($1,905,033,000), 36 projects for Maui County ($578,940,000), 27 projects on the Big Island ($524,712,000) and 22 projects on Kaua‘i ($263,410,000).  In addition, there are 22 statewide projects ($968,119,000)…

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U.S. Army Pacific Commanding General Lt. Mixon Speaks to Big Island Rotary Club Members

Lt. Gen. Benjamin R. Mixon, commanding general, U.S. Army, Pacific,
spoke to members of Big Island rotary clubs at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel Jan 20 to discuss the role of the Army in the Pacific.

Lt. General Benjamin Mixon

Lt. General Benjamin Mixon

Representatives from South Hilo, Hilo, Hilo Bay, Pahoa, Volcano and Kona Rotary Clubs attended the event.

“It’s important for Rotarians to learn what the Army is doing in Hawaii and as a nation,” said Newton John Chu, who organized the event with Bill Moore, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for the island of Hawaii…

…Mixon discussed the environmentally friendly and energy efficient efforts of the Army in Hawaii, necessity of security in the Pacific region, and statistics of the education and backgrounds of Soldiers themselves, referring to them as “dedicated patriots.”

“It’s not my Army, it’s your Army,” Mixon said. “You represent the citizens of the United States of America, and these meeting are essential so that you, as Americans, stay informed.”

Mixon ended his visit with a question and answer session. He fielded questions on a variety of subjects concerning Afghanistan, Iraq and relationships with Pacific nations.


Other CASAs Joining Moore were Alan Hoe, CASA Oahu-East and the islands of Maui, Lanai and Kahoolawe, and Peter Apo, CASA Oahu-West and the island of Kauai. CASAs are members of local communities that are selected to volunteer their time to act as a liaison between the Army and the civilian population.

Mixon thanked the CASAs for what they do. “What CASAs do for me as a commander is interface for me and the Secretary of the Army to tell the Army story and they have been invaluable to me in the islands,” he said…

Full Story Here

County Expands Bus Service, Adds Accessible Buses

Media Release


The Hawaii Island’s county Mass Transit Agency will increase bus service on some of the transit system’s most popular and heavily used routes beginning February 17, 2009, as part of the ongoing effort to make the system more convenient and accessible to users.

Additional bus service will be added on the route between Pahoa and Hilo; on the route between the Ka’u and Ocean View areas and Kona; and the route between Hilo and Waimea.

Service will also be increased on routes within the Kona and Hilo areas.

Saturday service will also increase on various routes around the island, and the Mass Transit agency recently received two new 33-passenger accessible buses to assist people with disabilities. The new buses will be placed in service in February.

Hawaii County offers bus riders the only free, island-wide network of bus routes in the state.

Bus ridership is growing rapidly, with ridership for the period from July 2008 to December 2008 totaling 384,000 passenger trips. That was a 34 percent increase over ridership in the same period in 2007, said Transit Operations Administrator Tom Brown.

For more information, please call the Mass Transit Agency at 961-8744.

Surfings Darkside on the North Shore – New York Times NEW Video


Many people still remember this beat down by a famous local surfer that is featured in this NY Times piece:


Here is the movie trailer to “Busting Down the Door”