$100,000 Allocated to “Consultants” for Bus Stop Projects

Yesterday, there was a fatal pedestrian accident involving the Counties buses.  Bus stops along H-130 have long been a problem.  I mean, there are none!  Drivers do not know when buses are pulling off and pulling back on, people don’t understand some of the laws regarding buses, and the lack of crosswalks all contribute to just a few of the problems with the public transportation system on H-130.

I was looking at the line item of 12/10/08 on this Professional Services Awarded by the County and I just noticed that $100,000 was awarded to SSFM to consult on Bus Stops.

I’ve been working with the SSFM people on the H-130 Project and I’m telling you now that I could do an island wide “consultation” of where these bus stops should be laid out for a lot less then $100,000!

They are currently “Consulting” the KPAG group… so trust me, I know what’s going on at some of these “Consulting Meetings”.

Anyone want to give me a 6 figure contract to tell people where bus stops should go.  It’s really not that difficult thing to do.

I mean sheesh, we don’t have any now.  It seems ridiculous to pay money to a firm to figure out where they should go.  Just put some in for god’s sake.  It’s not that tough of a job.

$100,000… I really need to get in on some of this easy money some time.

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  1. $100K to pay an “expert” on where to put bus stops? Un-be-freakin’-believable were it not for the fact that consulting fees seem to be where half the money in the county budget disappears to every year. How many must-be-millions have we spent on consultants on waste disposal?

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