One More Lie to the Parenting “Black Book”

I think most parents know that we are liars when it comes to raising our kids.

Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc.

I found a new one for me today.

I mentioned earlier how my son came down with tonsillitis.  His pediatrician put him on a liquid pediasure diet and meds until the swelling in his throat goes down.

Here lies the problem… my son kind of picked up some of my eating habits and one of those things… is that if you don’t like something… you’re not gonna eat it no matter how much everyone tells you it’s good.

I picked up some of the Strawberry flavored Pediasure as I was coming home from the Doctors.   The buggahs are like $16.99 for a 6-pack of little bottles.


So when I got home, I cracked open the Pediasure and I made the fatal mistake of calling it “Pediasure”.

My son doesn’t know what “Pediasure” is, but he sure made up his mind really quickly that he didn’t like and WAS NOT going to have it.  I got pretty frustrated because as any parent knows, they only want their child to get healthy.

He hasn’t been eating at all in the last 30 hours other then a little soup here and there so it’s really important the doctor said to make sure that he gets the Pediasure in his system because that will at least provide all the vitamins and nutrients that he’s missing out on cause he literally can’t eat right now.

It is kind of weird that when you feel bad, or have a headache, or a soar throat… that know matter how much you think you should eat… you don’t really have an appetite.

So here comes the lie.  I know my son will drink Nestles Strawberry Quick… so what did I friggin do… after he woke up from his nap, I told him I went to the store and picked up some Strawberry Quick.


Sure enough… The buggah was drinking it down like it was nothing.

The lies we tell our children… they aren’t all bad are they?

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