Kupuna News… A Magazine For and About Hawai’i’s Seniors

The January to March 2009 issue of Kupuna News is now out.

It’s a magazine for and about Hawai’i’s Seniors and is now available online by clicking here.

It’s published quarterly by the County of Hawai’i Department of Parks and Recreation Elderly Activities Division.

So for all of you that have your Tutu’s living at home… why don’t you print out a copy of it for them.

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  1. Thanks for this Damon… I have 6 more years to go before I qualify… but my husband is 61. Maybe I need a fake ID to get me in! Just kidding. This kind of information is great, there are so many programs for seniors here. Another thing I love about Hawaii, such respect for elders. It is a great place to grow old ;-) .

    From the magazine, it looks like there are lots of volunteer opportunities. Great info. Hey, I see they have a Mah Jong group… OK… where do I get a fake ID to make me a Senior? I love Mah Jong!

    My son is 31 and has not made me a TuTu yet…


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