Another “Damon Dollar” Arrives!

I didn’t check the mail all weekend and I finally got around to doing it today.

I wasn’t pleasantly surprised that I got another “Damon Dollar“.

It came courtesy of two places: The Pahoa Museum and “Jomama’s Hostel“.  (I guess they each put in $.50 ;) )


Of course I blogged about the Pahoa Museum a few times…but only recently had I heard of “Jomama’s Hostel” in Pahoa.


Of course after receiving this dollar, I had to check out their website here.

It looks like a really nice place and the rates are also very reasonable.


You can contact JoMama’s here for more information.

Mahalo Pahoa Museum and JoMama’s Hostel!

5 Responses

  1. try Pete Lebold is Sarah WIlliams (AKA Sarah Lebold’s) Husband. Come on are you that ???? about what I am saying. Contact Sarah because she is friends with the owner of JoMamma’s Hostel and she will book you a room. You are not out of the woods yet.
    Truly if what you say is true then How Come she stated in other blog’s that she is married to Pete?
    I believe the point being made here is shadow by your lack of any concern with what anyone would half to say. You can not be calling your self a museum if you are truly not a museum, and except donations from the public without any record and have people assume that you have a non-profit status.
    I started out trying to communicate to whom ever is out there reading that People like Pete and Sarah weather directly or indirectly own other business like the Hostel and profit off the good people of Pahoa, because People like you let them misrepresent the truth, so other people will buy into what ever it is that the sell to the public. If you honestly believe that Sarah is only a friend of Pete Lebold then I am afraid but you are sadly mistaken.

  2. no response? or did I prove my point? Did you look at their website (JoMamma’s) ? that’s Sarah pic when you click on contacts. Looks Like I am doing your job.

    Damon – Sarah is a friend of the owner of JoMamma’s. I don’t get it. Someone isn’t allowed to put a picture of their friend on their site?

  3. wait a minute, you mean to tell me that you believe it to be that the two buisnesses are not owned by Pete Lebold and Sarah Williams, i think you are getting the wrong info. Go to their website. Contact ?? oh not sure what you think either? If Pete doesn’t own it then who does? Sarah Williams his wife?

    Damon – Sandre Fernando

  4. Umm… I’m not sure where you think they own a Hostel from?

    JoMammas has no affiliation with Pete or Sarah other then the fact they contributed $.50 cents each to this Damon Dollar.

  5. so Pete and Sarah have a hostel too. Where’s there business license for this one too. Oh I guess you don’t need one? You mean Sarah Lebold she likes them older guys. After all they are married. So the resturant, by the fire station, where they ripped off the Huli Huli chicken guy will be opening soon too. With more stuff? Taxes, they don’t pay there taxes.

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