Just a Few Blogs With KGMB Logos and Images

I find it very interesting that KGMB would ask me to remove a logo that I copied and pasted from a twitter message I received.

So I went on a small quest of KGMB logos and some blogs that have posted images of KGMB logos and here are just a few:

Did KGMB Viewers See Liz Chun’s Bra Last Night?

Click Here to find out.

Facebook Fan Faceoff: KGMB’s Steve or Grace?

Click Here to find out.

Oceanic Digital Cable TV for “Dummies”

Click here for that logo.

Man in Prison Despite Innocence Pleas

While this is written by a KGMB writer… it’s not a KGMB blog.

And many more…

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