Smucks Still Being Added to Hall of Fame

I’ve added a few more Smucks to the Hall of Fame at the top of this site.

It’s going to be a work in progress from here on out it looks like.   There is just so many damn Smucks in this world!

Pualei Lani Announced as BJ Penn “Pretty Wahine” Contest Winner

I previously blogged in October that BJ Penn was holding a “Pretty Wahine” contest.

Pualei Lani from Waipahu ended up winning the contest.

Pualei Lani

Pualei Lani

Needless to say… she has quite a bit of modeling experience.

Here is a youtube clip that was posted that is now running on BJ Penn’s website of Pualei:


Just a Few Blogs With KGMB Logos and Images

I find it very interesting that KGMB would ask me to remove a logo that I copied and pasted from a twitter message I received.

So I went on a small quest of KGMB logos and some blogs that have posted images of KGMB logos and here are just a few:

Did KGMB Viewers See Liz Chun’s Bra Last Night?

Click Here to find out.

Facebook Fan Faceoff: KGMB’s Steve or Grace?

Click Here to find out.

Oceanic Digital Cable TV for “Dummies”

Click here for that logo.

Man in Prison Despite Innocence Pleas

While this is written by a KGMB writer… it’s not a KGMB blog.

And many more…

*Update (See Below)* KGMB Asks Me to Remove Their Logo From a Blog Posting

The other day, I posted a blog about a smuck that was scamming people.

I sent off a twitter message to the @KGMB Twitter account and informed them of the broadcast that they showed on the air promoting the scam.

I received a few “Tweets” back from them, which I copied and pasted into my blog.  Part of that copy and paste included the KGMB Logo.

I just received the following email:


Aloha Damon,

KGMB9 kindly requests that you remove our logo from your blog.  While you are free to post whatever you like, we are asking that you remove our image.

Thank you,


CANDACE HIRLEMAN | Marketing Director | KGMB9 – Hawaii ’s Severe Weather Station

LOGO DELETED Phone: 808.973.4255 Fax: 808.941.8153 E-mail:

Address: 1534 Kapiolani Boulevard; Honolulu , HI   96814



So of course now I have the following question… can a news station ask me to remove the LOGO from a private blog such as mine?

Wonder if I would have got in trouble if I copied and pasted my own email message from them with the logo in it?


I sent the following email off to KGMB:

Aloha Candace,

I just received this email.

I’m curious why are you asking me to remove the KGMB9 Logo?

This is my personal blog and I did not know of any laws or rules that would forbid me from using it.  I’m not using your image to make money so there isn’t any copyright laws that I know of that would forbid me from using it.

Have you asked all of the other bloggers that have posted your logo in the past to also remove them?

I have no problem removing it if you can please cite a law or rule that states that I can not use it on my personal blog.

P.S. if you look around… you will find your logo on a few other blogs.


Damon Tucker

And got the following reply:

I appreciate your response.  Our brand is important to us, and apparently to you, too.  Thanks for considering our request.



“I Have A Dream”… (Full Version)