Tsunami Education: A Blueprint for Coastal Communities (Final Document January 2009)

I noticed that the Final Document of “Tsunami Education: A Blueprint for Coastal Communities” was released recently.

It’s a 90 page document prepared by Kylie Alexandria, Genevieve Cain and Patsy Iwasaki.   It was funded by The County of Hawai’i Planning Department State Office of Planning – Coastal Zone Management Program.

I only briefly scanned through it.  I don’t live in a Tsunami Zone, but those who do, I highly suggest reading it or at least skimming through parts that could be relevant to saving your life.

I also want to keep reminding folks that on TUESDAY, January 27th, the Big Island will be having Island Wide Tsunami Drills.

I added the icon of the infamous clock that somehow survived the Hilo Tsunami on the left.  If you click on that, it will take  you to a file that the government released about how to “Survive a Tsunami”


So click here to see the Final Document that the County has released on it’s website.

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