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Hang Glider Dave Bigelow’s Record Setting Flight… RIP Braddah – MUST SEE VIDEO!

Big Island Video News covered the wreck of Dave Bigelow yesterday,  many others have followed suit.

I’ll post something a bit different.

This is Bigelow’s record setting flight that he did on April 4th of last year.

“A sailplane flight to 33,561 feet in mountain wave over Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii – the highest ever in Hawaii. Join me in the cockpit of a DG-400 sailplane and surf 6 mile high waves.” (Video of flight begins at :45)


This video is pretty incredible and from what I’m hearing, he was a great guy.

RIP Braddah Bigelow.  Heaven just got a bit better.

* Big Island Chronicle has also posted a different  video here.

One Response

  1. Editorial note:

    A”hang glider” is a type of aircraft (and, by the way, not the type of aircraft Bigelow was piloting).

    Gliders are flown by “pilots,” gliders are not flown by “gliders.” Glider pilots (to include hang glider pilots) are rather touchy about this distinction and by the common misuse of terminology, in my experience.

    Carry on.

    Damon – I’m warming up a special “smick” award soon enough ;) Thanks for explaining. I think I’ll leave it as is just to show everyone how stupid I am.

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