Mayors Kenoi, Mufi and Carvalho Sing with John Cruz at Inauguration

*Update* Video is now loaded of Mayors singing at inauguration  (wait for short commercial to play) click here.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been following former Honolulu Advertiser Reporter turned Blogger Kim Fasslers Twitter feed at the Inaugural Ceremonies. She actually lives there now, and has been actively tweeting the countdown to the inauguration.

She’s got some great pictures on her blog here. This is just one of them:

"...I scrambled on top of an electrical box and took this photo through tree branches..."

"...I scrambled on top of an electrical box and took this photo through tree branches..."

She recently tweeted:

“I think it was just Cruz; he put on a great show by himself. The mayors — Mufi, Carvalho, Kenoi – sang Island Style w/ him

*Update* Click here for video.

Hang Glider Dave Bigelow’s Record Setting Flight… RIP Braddah – MUST SEE VIDEO!

Big Island Video News covered the wreck of Dave Bigelow yesterday,  many others have followed suit.

I’ll post something a bit different.

This is Bigelow’s record setting flight that he did on April 4th of last year.

“A sailplane flight to 33,561 feet in mountain wave over Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii – the highest ever in Hawaii. Join me in the cockpit of a DG-400 sailplane and surf 6 mile high waves.” (Video of flight begins at :45)


This video is pretty incredible and from what I’m hearing, he was a great guy.

RIP Braddah Bigelow.  Heaven just got a bit better.

* Big Island Chronicle has also posted a different  video here.

So Cold the Coquis are Quiet

I just got an interesting tweet from a fellow Big Island resident.

I didn’t really notice it until now.

But it’s so cold… the coquis are quiet!  Too cold to chirp?

I’ll tell you one thing though… I got this damn cricket in my house that’s still driving me nuts and the only reason why I probably can hear it… is because the coquis are being quiet.

Sunday Silly


Hilo High Grad Lois-Ann Yamanaka Gets New York Times Exposure

Big Island girl Lois-Ann Yamanaka, who graduated from Hilo High School in 1979 has become quite an accomplished writer.  Yamanaka is the oldest of four daughters who grew up in Pahala on the Big Island.   Her mother was a school teacher and her father was a school administrator.

Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Hilo High Class of 1979

Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Hilo High Class of 1979

Yesterday, she was featured in the New York Times as an Op-Ed Contributor with her column “This Man is an Island,” where she writes about life on the Big Island when Obama was attending Punahou.  It’s an interesting piece and I had to laugh when she talks about the Big Island:

…In those days, I lived on the Big Island, where pop-culture-wise we were always five years behind Honolulu and 10 years behind the mainland. But we had words, our own words for everything, for what we wore, what stink foods we ate, our idiosyncrasies, what cars we drove, what parts of town we inhabited, what bad habits we had or what pagan rites we practiced. Words for the whole list of who we are, and they go on and on…

Well Mrs. Yamanaka… things haven’t changed much as were still 5 years behind Honolulu and 10 years behind the mainland.

Yamanaka was named one of the “25 Most Influential Asians in America” by A. Magazine, and was listed among “Those Who Shaped the Isles in this Century: 100 Who Made a Difference,” by the Honolulu Star Bulletin.

Lois-Ann Yamanaka & Melvin E. Spencer III

Lois-Ann Yamanaka and Melvin E. Spencer III

She currently helps run Na’au Private School on Oahu.

Hawaiian Ultra Running Team… 100 Miles of Craziness Being Completed Now!


I got to give props to members of the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT).  I could never do a Marathon less yet run 100 miles in the conditions that they are running in right now.

They are currently finishing the race now as I blog this.

The results are being posted here (Click on View Runners Table for current results).

Their name implies exactly what I would be feeling if I tried to do some of the runs these buggahs do.  I would be “Hurtin and Hurling!”.

If anyone has ever driven around Tantalus, they know how extreme this little run could be.

There are three legs to each lap of the course that surrounds Tantalus Mountain on Oahu.  You can see the actual course here.

For more info on HURT check out the blog here.

This video trailer shows a small piece of the 2008 H.U.R.T. 100 Mile Trail Race. The H.U.R.T. 100 is conducted each January on the Mauka Trail System above Honolulu, Hawaii. Heather Spencer and Don Fallis captured the race featuring pre and post race interview.


Tsunami Education: A Blueprint for Coastal Communities (Final Document January 2009)

I noticed that the Final Document of “Tsunami Education: A Blueprint for Coastal Communities” was released recently.

It’s a 90 page document prepared by Kylie Alexandria, Genevieve Cain and Patsy Iwasaki.   It was funded by The County of Hawai’i Planning Department State Office of Planning – Coastal Zone Management Program.

I only briefly scanned through it.  I don’t live in a Tsunami Zone, but those who do, I highly suggest reading it or at least skimming through parts that could be relevant to saving your life.

I also want to keep reminding folks that on TUESDAY, January 27th, the Big Island will be having Island Wide Tsunami Drills.

I added the icon of the infamous clock that somehow survived the Hilo Tsunami on the left.  If you click on that, it will take  you to a file that the government released about how to “Survive a Tsunami”


So click here to see the Final Document that the County has released on it’s website.

“Spitfire Grill” The Movie that “Essay House” Scams are Based Upon

I’ve been writing about the Essay Houses that a mainland scammer named Mark Samwick has been running of late.

Here is the movie that has inspired this whole genre of essay houses (I’m trying to find a copy that has more then just the “Score” from the movie):


“An aging woman wants to put her grill up as a contest with the winner taking the grill.To enter you must spend $100 and you are in the pot.The person with the best reason to want the grill will win it.The woman obtains over $200,000.A tragedy occurs before the winner is picked.”

Parking Wars Honolulu (Repo Hawaii)… The Video

I previously blogged about a Big Island repoman video taping his repos and posting them on youtube here and here.

It now appears that a Honolulu guy is doing something similar, however, he has made it more into a movie with captioning and all!

I know the economy sucks right now, and I know these repo guys are just doing there job, but is there really a reason to post the videos to youtube other then to scare people into making payments?

I mean if they are doing their job correctly and have videotaped the repo, that’s one thing… but to post them online just seems a bit harsh.  Not only are they posting them online, but often times, like in this clip… they show the person that is having their car repoed.

Talk about shame: