Smuck Hall of Fame

In case you haven’t noticed, at the top of the page I’ve begun my Smuck Hall of Fame.

As I have time, I’ll be updating this with some of the smucks from my blogs past as well as future smucks.  So if you have been a smuck to me, or you plan on being one to me or someone else in this world in the future… you might want to check to see if you got an award.

2 Responses

  1. Nomination #3….
    County Council for even THINKING of “suspending” the 2% Land Fund.
    Hey, how much money is in there, anyway? Its a GREAT time for the county to buy our “special places”, especially with all of the matching funds available.
    Hey Council.. DON’T BE SMUCKS!

  2. Will I get nominated if I point out another spelling error? :P

    Damon – I may have to just nominate you on merit alone. There is a big difference between a Schmuck and a Smuck! In all honesty… I do know what a Schmuck is… but you obviously didn’t read my blog about “Tucks Smucks” which explains the play on words. I might have to give you a “Smick”. ;)

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