Montessori Country Schools Imiloa Field Trip

The kids of Montessori Country School got a special field trip today to visit the Imiloa Astronomy Center today.


Upon entering the center, the kids were greeted and told a little about the center.


The kids are learning about the solar system in their classes now and the planetarium was the perfect place to take the kids to learn even more about the solar system.


Once the kids finished watching the planetarium show, they had lunch and then were free to roam the astronomy center.  Inside, the kids had a great time playing with the many experiments and gadgets the center had to offer, many took part in a another movie.


It was a great time had by all.  I’m the glad that the kids are able to have these field trips.  Because of the rising costs of many things these days, field trips are often one of the first things cut from budgets, yet they provide such great learning experiences!

The kids I were watching told me they were “holding up the world” before we left.


Click on picture below for larger version:

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