Tuck’s Smucks Awards Begins

Well I guess it’s time to start something new on my blog.

Because of my last name,  I was an easy target to be teased by kids when I was younger.

You can just imagine all the letters that you can substitute the “T” in Tucker for make rhyming names.  “Tucker the Sucker”…”Tucker the Clucker”… “Tucker the F*****” …. “Mother Tucker”… I’ve heard them all.

The one that used to drive me nuts as a kid, was when they would call me “Smucker” because we all used to work in the strawberry fields picking strawberries for a berry farm and the berries would get shipped off to “Smucker’s” Preservatives to make jelly/jam out of them.

I still to this day won’t eat Smuckers preservatives, because I know what I used to do myself as a kid just to get that extra weight in my “flat” that they would weigh.  You would be amazed at how much dirt I could put in a flat under a layer of strawberries!

So based on on my name… I’m starting the weekly “Tuck’s Smuck Award”.

So to be fair to anyone I may call a “Smuck” in the future… I’ll award my first ever “Tuck’s Smuck Award” to someone who is rather close to me.

Tuck’s Smuck Award Winner #1:



For almost 9 years, Damon worked a great job with the State where he got to play with the latest toys and gadgets that came into the State.  He literally got paid to watch TV and Videos, although they weren’t very exciting and mostly educational.

In May of 2008, he decided to quit his job and return back to the Big Island where he could be closer to his family.

Damon’s goal was to have a job by the start of the New Year… and yet here it is almost 2 weeks after the New Year has begun and Damon is still seeking full-time employment.

This SMUCK goes to you Damon!  You are the first official Damon Tucker’s Weblog SMUCK.

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