Governor to Select Gil Keith-Agaran to Replace Rep. Nakasone on Maui

*update*  Governor’s office just confirmed this.

Just got the following twit “TWEET” from Advertiser Reporter Derrick Depledge:

“Governor to Select Gil Keith-Agaran to Replace Rep. Nakasone on Maui”

Gil Keith-Aragan

Gil Keith-Aragan

Mr. Gil Keith-Agaran An attorney practicing in Wailuku, Keith-Agaran spent a decade in public service as Chair of the State Board of Land and Natural Resources, State Director of Labor and State Deputy Director of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, and as County Public Works Director. He presently serves on the boards of the Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation, the Maui Food Bank, the Maui Coastal Land Trust, the Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council, the Maui High School Community Council, and A Keiki’s Dream. Keith-Agaran has a J.D. from Boalt Hall School of Law, the University of California at Berkeley, and a B.A. from Yale College. He is married and is the guardian of a niece who is a senior at his alma mater, Maui High School.

From the Maui Democratic Party Blog.

(Nakasone recently passed away if you didn’t know)

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  1. The British define twit as a silly person, which brings to mind the classic Monty Python skit about the “Upper-Class Twit of the Year” contest. It involves participants trying, largely unsuccessfully, to run an “obstacle” course which includes jumping a barrier of match boxes, passing under a chin-high beam and, ultimately (or not-so-ultimately) shooting themselves:

    Damon – That was hilarious!

  2. On Twitter one receives “tweets,” not “twits!”

    …unless you are following the wrong crowd on Twitter, haha.

    Damon – Argh! So I’m a Virgin Twitee. Thanks… I’ll put sticky note on my monitor to remind me. I’m sure I’ve offended every twitter user that I’ve blogged about up until now. I guess I need to read that “Twitter for Dummies” book.

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