Props… Capsun’s Corner! Slops… Myself!

A while back I started checking out the blog Capsun’s Corner.

He’s a fairly new blogger like myself, but remains active blogging and has blogged everyday since he started his blog.

He lives over on Oahu and blogs on a number of things.  He’s a former UH Student Regent for the UH System and has some pretty good insights.

I’m adding his blog to my ‘Roll now.

He’s got a “gig” on his blog he likes to write called “Props and Slops” where he gives his take on the good and bad things that come to his mind.

I’m giving his blog a Prop.

The SLOP comes from me for failing to realize that this is a former BIG ISLAND BOY!

Welcome to the ‘Roll Capsun.

Check out Capsun’s Corner for his “corner” of the world.

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  1. Mahalo for the add to the blogroll, for the encouragement, and for the Prop. In a way, I think we’re all each other’s enablers.

    BTW, I still consider myself a Big Island Boy, who just happens to reside on Oahu.

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