Who’s Who of the Wealthy and Politically Connected in Hawaii Who Were Wiped Out by Hawaii Telcom

Hat tip to Ian Lind for posting this on his blog.

…The identity of the group of local investors has not been reported.
But tucked away as an attachment to a motion filed in the Hawaiian Telcom bankruptcy case on Christmas Eve is what appears…

I didn’t realize how many people were directly affected by it until I read this MSN article which also listed who they were.

…The list of investors is a who’s who of the wealthy and politically connected in Hawaii, all of whom have seen their investments in Hawaiian Telcom wiped out as a result of more than $425 million in losses over three years. Hawaiian Telcom filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Dec. 1.

The company has been tight-lipped about the identities of local investors, who collectively own a 7 percent stake in the phone company…

Hawaiian Telcom sure screwed a lot of people. And I was bitching about a few months worth of bills.

Stephen J. Berman;Kathryn J. Carey;W. David P. Carey III,;Carl A. Carlson;The Carlyle Group Inc.;Carlyle Hawaii Partners LP;Carlyle Partners III Hawaii LP;Carlyle Partners III LP;Barbara Tom Ching;Cedric Ming-Kai Ching;Earl Ming-To Ching;Edric M. Ching;Eldon Ming-Te Ching;Han Hsin Ching;Han Ping Ching;Leslie M. Ching;Meredith Jayne Ching;CP III Coinvestment LP;CS Wo & Sons Ltd.;Diane N. Dods Revocable Living Trust;Diane N. Dods;Walter A. Dods, Jr.;Everett R. Dowling;East West Capital Partners LLC;Alice M. Fukunaga;Benjamin T. Fukunaga;Eric S. Fukunaga;Grace Fukunaga;Mark H. Fukunaga;Paul Mullin Ganley;Alan M. Goda;J. Stephen Goodfellow;Warren Haruki;Hawaii Partners LP;Karly Heyer;Higgins Community Property Trust;Ronald D. Higgins;Michael K. Hirai;Hong & Kwock, Attorneys, a Law Corp.;Profit Sharing Plan;Michael David Hong;David C. Hulihee;HYB Corp. Consolidated Profit Sharing Plan;Robert Ichikawa;Melvyn T. Iwaki;Marcy Carol Zilber Jackson;Melissa S. A. Jackson;Shane M. Jackson;James Stephen and Denise D. Goodfellow Main Trust;JKS Partners LP;JKT Capital Partners LLC;Joseph J. Zilber Voluntary Trust;Kahala Hi Telcom LLC;Charles R. Kelley;Jennifer S. Kelley;Richard R. Kelley;KF Telcom LLC;KG Telcom LLC;KJL Investments LLC;Bert A. Kobayashi;Dale T. Kobayashi;James H. Kobayashi;Patrick K. Kobayashi;Ronald H. Kobayashi;Leonard K. P. Leong;Beatrice Luke;Carolyn C. Luke;Catherine Luke;Warren Luke;Warren K. K. Luke;Maui Quest LLC;Bill Mills;MJM Partnership LLP;Edmund Nakano;Nicholas Ng Pack;Paul Mullin Ganley Trust;Alan Pflueger;Raymond A. Ranelli;Gregory Ratte;RCCI Management LLC;Richard Eizo Tanaka Revocable Trust;Scott Rolles;James Schuler;Servco Pacific;Richard Eizo Tanaka;TC Group III LLC;TC Group III LP;TC Group LLC;TCG Holdings LLC;Dr. Joseph Triggs;John K. Tsui;Peter J. Uehara;Waikoloa Heights Investment Partners;Walter A. Dods Jr., Revocable Living Trust;Warren K. K. Luke & Carolyn C. Luke Trust;Thomas P. Whittemore;Bennett R. Wo;C. Scott Wo;Michael J. Wo;Robert C. Wo;Robert W. Wo;Wendell J. Wo;John T. Wu;Robert T. Wu;Paul Yonamine;Joseph J. Zilber;Marilyn Zilber

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