*Update* Pahoa Town Getting Ripped Off… Thieves Make Hole in Cash and Carry Roof Last Night!


John Burnett has an excellent report in today’s Tribune Herald.


In the last week, three businesses have been ripped off and Cash and Carry just had an attempted burglary last night!

We need to catch these effing punks!

I stopped by Rudedogg Tattoo today to discuss with the owner about the recent ripoffs, however, he wasn’t in so I snapped a few pictures and talked to the crew that was in the store at the time.


The workers inside the shop mentioned that the burglars attempted to pry open the window on the left side of the door and were unable to, however, they were able to pry open the window on the right side.

Marks left on right side of window

Marks left on right side of window

They took most of the crews equipment and the only thing keeping the shop in business is some of the personal supplies of the workers themselves.  The crooks apparently weren’t interested in the nice chair.


The crew in the shop, mentioned that one of the workers truck was stolen from right out in front of the business less then two weeks ago, but the truck was later recovered…”Without the help of police”.


Jan’s Barbershop was also a victim of this latest crime spree, although I didn’t get to speak to the owner for long.


Luquins Restaurant was also targeted.  My understanding is that Liquor was taken, but I forgot to ask the bartender what else was taken.


And just last night, Pahoa Cash and Carry was the victim of an attempted break-in.


When I was talking to one of the managers that opened the store this morning, she said the thieves attempted to break in through the ceiling around 3:00 in the morning, however, there were painters that just happened to be inside the store working at night, so the thieves didn’t actually get into the store as the painters scared them off.

Hole in ceiling of Pahoa Cash and Carry leading to the roof of the building.

Hole in ceiling of Pahoa Cash and Carry leading to the roof of the building.

After talking to a few people in the above establishments, it is known that there is a video of at least one of these break-ins.

If I’m able to obtain a copy… I’ll post a copy of the alleged thieves here.

It’s a Big Island… but word travels fast.  Lets get these bastards!

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  1. Thanks for the update…. I once lived on Makuu Drive in Paradise Park many years ago.

    Sorry about the repeat post…. I’m not a blogger and was looking for my post and the response at the bottom, not the top :-(


  2. I’m trying to remember: How far away is Luquin’s from the Akebono Theatre?

  3. You forgot to mention other businesses that were ripped off…I had my car get worked on at the shop behind Jan’s and they had a bunch of stuff stolen and damaged.

  4. Nice blog! im reading here almost everyday!
    its like a drug i just keep coming back hehe .
    anyway happy new year

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