New Police Chief on Violating Personal Rights

Just saw this interesting article in the Starbulletin:

…He (new police Chief Kubojiri) also said he would be “as transparent as possible without violating anyone’s personal rights or the law…”

Maybe I should discuss the post office incident with him?

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  1. At this point, I believe what the police department said about
    this incident (on Tiffany”s blog) than your take on the incident.

    If you had corroborating witnesses who supported your take
    of the incident then I would be more sympathetic. But as it stands now, its her word versus your word…

    Damon – Check your email and apologize later.

  2. Do you know the term witness means ? This is a serious question.If you had other corroborate what happened that
    day I would be a bit more sympathetic. But as it stands now
    I don’t feel one bit of sympathy for what happened. You really
    should’ve been arrested that day.

    As far as the link you sent me,I don’t believe it one bit. I would suggest you consult an attorney. As obviously that Kantor person is not an attorney.

    Damon – Arrested for what? Sorry you don’t believe the factual link I sent you.

    Yes Aaron… In fact there are “witnesses”. Have I tried to track them down… Nope… Do they even know about my blog… I doubt it. Why should I need witnesses at this point? I haven’t even filed a complaint. I do remember seeing at least 3 or 4 people I know coming in and out of the post office at the time and that was stated in a comment I made earlier somewhere.

    I’m not sure what you are trying to make out of this situation at all. The next time I bump into Officer Lee it will be like nothing happened at all. Give it a break! You act like I’m trying to bring down the HPD or something. Sheesh, I wrote a blog about an incident that happened to me. Obviously you have your beliefs… and I will have mine..

  3. Damon, please let this incident go. I’ve read Tiffany’s response
    from the Police. You were in the wrong big time.

    I would urge your not to pursue this unless you have witnesses that back up what you claim happened. If not, it
    will be her word versus yours.

    Damon – You are welcome to think the way you wish to think. My witness is the statement that has been made… a “close up” of the officer was taken from a distance and the picture that can still be retrieved if needed.

    There is nothing wrong with taking a picture of an officer and the officer should not have asked me to delete the picture.

  4. You should at least write him a letter so he knows about it and the officers conduct.

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