“Tuck the Duck” Journalist or Blogger?

I think I got a new title for my blog!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read Andy Parx Column on Got Windmills, it’s a pretty hilarious, yet serious read on what blogging and journalism has come to heads at times.

He still likes to use the “J” word upon me… I still like to avoid the word.

It’s a good reading and I had to laugh at the “Tuck the Duck” statement.  Now if I can only figure out how to change the title of my blog. ;)

Check out his column today:

Hounding the Newshounds

“A week and a half ago we highlighted an abuse of power incident at the Pahoa Post Office on the Big Island and this somewhat defensive fellow Damon Tucker who is one of the multitude of bloggers on Hawai`i Island…

….As news blogging expands people are coming to expect more from their news than they get from their daily fish wrapper.

Whether you call them bloggers, new journalists, citizen reporters, or loudmouth activists doesn’t matter…

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