Today’s Idiot… Another Lost Kalapana Hiker That Crossed the Line

Another hiker was lost and later rescued at Kalapana attempting to view the lava up close.

There are clear boundaries set by the Parks people that establishes where people are suppose to go and not go.

“…The 43-year-old woman told rescuers via cellphone she left a designated viewing area to get a closer look at the lava ocean entry point…”

Idiots who travel beyond that point deserve to be “lost”.

Hawaii 24-7 has the article on todays lost hiker:

…Firefighters hiked three-quarters of a mile to the hiker and made contact via flashlight more than a mile away from her. Due to darkness and the harsh terrain the hiker was told to stay put and Chopper One was dispatched with with a rescueman to retrieve her. The uninjured hiker was flown to Highway 130, examined by medics and turned over to police

I hate it when our tax money is wasted on rescuing stupid idiots that break rules.  I hope the police are doing something about this and that the hiker will have to pay for this rescue and not are tax dollars.


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