It’s Becoming a Twitter of a World… The Early Twit Gets the News

The other day I mentioned I signed up for Twitter.

It truly is a new revolution in communication.

Recently, Georgette Deemer, of theĀ  Hawaii House Blog, posted the following:

“Not yet sure if you want to jump on the Twitter bandwagon? Many of our colleagues at the Hawaii State Capitol are already hopping on board to one of social media’s most contagious addictions…”

Leslie Wilcox at PBS Hawaii wrote the following yesterday:

I’m so excited I just Twittered

I’ve been twitting with a couple people from Puna that had never heard of my blog or the local bulletin boards.

I know that Big Island Video News is now Twittering Live as well as Hawaii 24-7.

I’m following Lance Armstrongs Twit feed on the bottom left of this blog while he trains in Hawaii.

It is becoming a Twitter of a World.

Join now… or be left behind.


3 Responses

  1. I’m cool with following you on twitter, but don’t see you there. ID?

    Damon – @damontucker

  2. When every single day you have to block people, one-by-one, it is a big time waster. you’ll see. follow someone with a large following and you will find the predators and they really ruined the experience for me. I am still on twitter, but i just am not following more than a couple people, who rarely twitter.

  3. I was on Twitter for several months. I got tired of being spammed with zillions of creepy new followers every time I started followed someone with a lot of followers. Also, hourly updates from self-promoters of their on line magazine were annoying. (Guy Kawasaki) Or their self-help books. Or whatever. My demographic is not full of Twitterers because I could only ever found one that Twittered like a grown up (Neil Abercrombie). It is currently more trouble than it is worth.

    I mean you can Twitter ramblings, LIKE I DO, and frankly, no one cares!!

    Damon – you can pick and choose who you follow and block who you don’t want to follow. The problem described should not be a problem if Twitter is used correctly.

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