A “Darker View” on Picture Taking of Public Buildings

Andrew Cooper did an excellent follow up to Charley Fosters blog yesterday about taking pictures of public building and it appears clear according to Hawaii Revised Statutes that I had every right to take a picture of the Post Office and/or the Police Officers that came to question me on that fateful Christmas Eve:

… A little full text searching on the Hawai’i Revised Statutes does turn up a lot of interesting things. But for this subject the best result was searching on the keyword ‘photograph’. This word appears 51 times in HRS, mostly with respect to driver’s licenses, police procedure and similar documentation requirements. There are only two real restrictions, the first is child pornography, no surprise there. But the other was unexpected

326-30 Making or taking of pictures without permission prohibited. (a) No person shall photograph, film, or videotape any patient at any facility maintained by the department of health for the care and treatment of persons with Hansen’s disease, without the written permission of the patient.

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  1. On Post Office propery it would be federal law that I would be concerned with. Researching federal law is quite a bit more complicated as there is just so much of it.

    Damon – you would have to put a damper on it. ;)

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