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Part III

So the Pahoa Museum is getting closer and closer to coming together.  They officially have a sign now.


As well as an official address.  Well they always had an official address, but now people can find them if they are looking for an address.

Front Entrance

Front Entrance

More interesting stuff is being brought in each and every day.  I thought about plopping myself down on this nice couch but I thought better of it.  I wonder who may have sat in it before?

Who may have sat here?

Who may have sat here?

Curator Sandre Fernando hard at work putting some paint to the walls and ceilings.

Sandre Fernando

Sandre Fernando

It is still scheduled to open during Pahoa’s Centennial next month.


Part II

A couple weeks ago I posted some pictures and a small snippet about Pahoa’s new community museum that is going to open in February.

I went by today and was able to get some more pictures:


No the following picture is not upside down. This is a large map of the Big Island that has been hung upside down on the ceiling. I asked the person (Sandre) that was inside about the map, but he didn’t have that much information. He did mention that the map maker was someone who designs the larger maps in the world…(or something to that effect):

Notice Ceiling Fan on Left for an Idea of the Scale of the Map

Notice Ceiling Fan on Left for an Idea of the Scale of the Size of the Map

Of course what museum wouldn’t be complete without it’s share of Hollywood memorabilia and other collectibles from the ages:

Other collectibles from the Olden Days of Pahoa

Other Collectibles from the Olden Days of Pahoa

They are still shooting for a February grand opening.

I don’t want to give away all the secrets of this place.

Part I

I got the opportunity to get a quick look at the new Pahoa “Community” Museum that is scheduled to open during Pahoa’s Centennial Anniversary.

The building is located across from Luquins Restaurant:

Outside of New Pahoa Museum

Outside of New Pahoa Museum

Owner Pete Lebold thanked his crew of volunteers that were putting endless hours into getting the place opened for a “Soft Opening” today, emphasizing it wouldn’t be open for customers until the centennial.

Opening Soon

Opening Soon

Pete Lebold holds up an old map

Pete Lebold holds up an old map

The entrance opens up to this nice table:

Beautiful Table at Front Entrance

Beautiful Table at Front Entrance

In some of the corners, you will find coffee trees that have been carved to make intricate holders for different pieces.

Vases on Coffee Tree Sculptures

Vases on Coffee Tree Sculptures

These Vases are about 3 feet tall

These Vases are about 3 feet tall

Owner Lebold mentioned that although he has spent more then $8,000 of his own dollars on getting this museum open, that it is for the community and that he is still looking for more contributions.

Peter Lebold hard at work

Peter Lebold hard at work

Lebold mentions that he is hoping the Museum will have a website soon, but in the meantime, people can reach him at

BIVN Has Linked to Youtube Clip of Kehena Rescue and Drowning

BIVN has linked to a youtube clip of the video of the rescue at Kehena.

You can find that here.  (The link is within the story and you will need to upload it yourself unless BIVN changes the settings)  Legislative Aide RJ Hampton is the one who shot the video.

It is graphic… so please don’t shoot either of us for bringing this message forward to the community.

I could post it here… but I’m not going to… so if you need to view it… see BIVN.

Legislative Aide RJ Hampton… The Next American Idol? Singing to US House Rep. Dennis Kucinich… The Video

I was just sent a message from someone giving me a heads up to this video that was posted on youtube on October 1st, 2007.

This is  Councilwoman Naeole’s Legislative Aide RJ Hampton, singing a campaign song to US House Representative Dennis Kucinich.

The words are also very interesting if I can say the least:


(I understand that she was involved in the Kehena rescue… so don’t jump all over me please)

State Looking to Put Roundabouts in Puna

The next Highway 130 Advisory group meeting should be an interesting one.  Most of the members of the KPAG committee seem to be very against roundabouts.

Morioka said the state is considering putting in traffic roundabouts on the Big Island, in Ka’u, Puna and Keeau.

He said the state will take proposals for roundabouts to communities first to hear their concerns before beginning any project.

More Here

*update* Now that I think about this… the State did brief us already on roundabouts at the last meeting but definetly nothing was set in stone at that time.   Is there going to be continued discussion… I believe there will be as they really haven’t even opened these meetings to the “general public” just yet… although the general public is welcomed to come.

Today’s KO


*Update* I’m Getting Rich! First “Damon Dollar” Received

I received my first “Damon Dollar” today! I’m shocked and stoked.

I’m 1/1,000,000 the way to becoming a millionaire.

I’ll posted all dollars received at the page Damon Dollars up above.


It had this real interesting message on it???


I found out that this note is actually a small work of art.  It’s done by a watercolor artist on the island that has visited my blog a few times.  I appreciate that little small piece of art, more so then I thought I really would.  At first I just thought it was a fancy 3M Sticky… finding out that it’s actually a print of a watercolor one of my readers designed really means something to me.  I’ll actually keep this and tape it to my desk as an inspiration to keep on “globbing.”  I’m still spending the dollar though.

Mahalo reader N.L.


You got to read the fine print… Just kidding.

It came in with no message at all… But I do promise to post all dollars received whether they have a message or not… As long as that message isn’t something illegal or something.

MAHALO!  You know who you are that sent this to me!

Only 999,999 more until I become a millionaire!

“Tuck the Duck” Journalist or Blogger?

I think I got a new title for my blog!

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read Andy Parx Column on Got Windmills, it’s a pretty hilarious, yet serious read on what blogging and journalism has come to heads at times.

He still likes to use the “J” word upon me… I still like to avoid the word.

It’s a good reading and I had to laugh at the “Tuck the Duck” statement.  Now if I can only figure out how to change the title of my blog. ;)

Check out his column today:

Hounding the Newshounds

“A week and a half ago we highlighted an abuse of power incident at the Pahoa Post Office on the Big Island and this somewhat defensive fellow Damon Tucker who is one of the multitude of bloggers on Hawai`i Island…

….As news blogging expands people are coming to expect more from their news than they get from their daily fish wrapper.

Whether you call them bloggers, new journalists, citizen reporters, or loudmouth activists doesn’t matter…

More Here

Volunteers Sought for North and South Kohala Community Development Plan Action Committees

Media Release

Contact Person: Allen Salavea, phone 756-5267,   email:

Volunteers sought for the North and South Kohala Community

Development Plan Action Committees

Volunteers are being sought by the County of Hawaii Planning Department to serve on two separate Community Development Plan Action Committees for the Judicial Districts of North Kohala and South Kohala. The Action Committees will serve as a proactive, community based stewards of the plans’ implementation and update.

The deadline to submit an application is 4:30 p.m., February 13, 2009. Applications can be downloaded at the following websites:



or picked up at the Planning Department offices in Hilo (Aupuni Center, 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 3, Hilo, HI 96720) or Kona (Hanama Place, 75-5706 Kuakini Hwy, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740).

Volunteers who serve on the Community Development Plan Action Committees will be asked to attend monthly meetings, meet with supporting partners, participate in training workshops and or retreats, help organize and attend public involvement meetings, workshops and or charettes, and serve as a source for promoting and sharing information about the Community Development Plans with individuals and community groups.

Interested persons will be required to submit an application. From the initial applicant pool, applicants will be selected using pre-determined selection criteria to be considered a candidate. All candidates will be interviewed by an Applicant Review Committee that will recommend a final of nine candidates (for each committee) for appointment. The nominees shall than be approved by the Planning Director and Mayor and confirmed by the County Council. Upon confirmation, nominees will be sworn in before the County Council as an Action Committee member.

New Police Chief and Deputy Chief Sworn in a Few Minutes Ago

I just got a Twit from BIVN who was on location today when the new police chief Harry Kubojiri and Deputy Chief Paul Ferreira were officially sworn into office a few minutes ago.

Video to come later on Big Island Video News where he has also recently posted his Top Stories of 2008.

Today’s Other Idiot

I don’t normally follow things like this… but this second idiot today kind of cracks me up and especially the way the report was written.  I’m pretty sure I know this exact location of the pier and I can just picture this happening in my head.

“…Women Survives Crash, Says She Was Sober

A car plunged into Honolulu Harbor early Monday morning near Pier 36……Witnesses told police it looked like a James Bond movie……The woman driving the car was OK and said she was sober. However, she did not explain why she drove into the water…

Full article here

Today’s Idiot… Another Lost Kalapana Hiker That Crossed the Line

Another hiker was lost and later rescued at Kalapana attempting to view the lava up close.

There are clear boundaries set by the Parks people that establishes where people are suppose to go and not go.

“…The 43-year-old woman told rescuers via cellphone she left a designated viewing area to get a closer look at the lava ocean entry point…”

Idiots who travel beyond that point deserve to be “lost”.

Hawaii 24-7 has the article on todays lost hiker:

…Firefighters hiked three-quarters of a mile to the hiker and made contact via flashlight more than a mile away from her. Due to darkness and the harsh terrain the hiker was told to stay put and Chopper One was dispatched with with a rescueman to retrieve her. The uninjured hiker was flown to Highway 130, examined by medics and turned over to police

I hate it when our tax money is wasted on rescuing stupid idiots that break rules.  I hope the police are doing something about this and that the hiker will have to pay for this rescue and not are tax dollars.


It’s Becoming a Twitter of a World… The Early Twit Gets the News

The other day I mentioned I signed up for Twitter.

It truly is a new revolution in communication.

Recently, Georgette Deemer, of the  Hawaii House Blog, posted the following:

“Not yet sure if you want to jump on the Twitter bandwagon? Many of our colleagues at the Hawaii State Capitol are already hopping on board to one of social media’s most contagious addictions…”

Leslie Wilcox at PBS Hawaii wrote the following yesterday:

I’m so excited I just Twittered

I’ve been twitting with a couple people from Puna that had never heard of my blog or the local bulletin boards.

I know that Big Island Video News is now Twittering Live as well as Hawaii 24-7.

I’m following Lance Armstrongs Twit feed on the bottom left of this blog while he trains in Hawaii.

It is becoming a Twitter of a World.

Join now… or be left behind.


A “Darker View” on Picture Taking of Public Buildings

Andrew Cooper did an excellent follow up to Charley Fosters blog yesterday about taking pictures of public building and it appears clear according to Hawaii Revised Statutes that I had every right to take a picture of the Post Office and/or the Police Officers that came to question me on that fateful Christmas Eve:

… A little full text searching on the Hawai’i Revised Statutes does turn up a lot of interesting things. But for this subject the best result was searching on the keyword ‘photograph’. This word appears 51 times in HRS, mostly with respect to driver’s licenses, police procedure and similar documentation requirements. There are only two real restrictions, the first is child pornography, no surprise there. But the other was unexpected

326-30 Making or taking of pictures without permission prohibited. (a) No person shall photograph, film, or videotape any patient at any facility maintained by the department of health for the care and treatment of persons with Hansen’s disease, without the written permission of the patient.

Pahoa Finally Announced in Local Papers as Winner of National Samsung Contest

The Starbulletin has more on the Samsung contest that a Pahoa teacher won for the school that I originally announced three weeks ago.

I wonder why it took this long to put it in the paper?